The Ice Storm Is On It’s Way: Are You Prepared?

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Are You Prepared For An Ice Storm?

Last year around this time in Coastal North Carolina we are all bracing for a big ice storm it was originally forecast to be a snow storm but in my experience from the storm of NC 2002 that this area is very prone to ice storms and ice storms mean power outages.  You will definitely want to check this post out I included a video of my husband and daughter working on survival skills.

In the photo above my husband is showing our daughter how to boil water on our Swedish Camp Stove that I blogged about at  We do need to think about whether we are preparing the next generation with some practical basic skills to survive an emergency situation.  We live in a coastal area so preparing for hurricanes is a regular part of our way of life. Preparing for ice storms and snow accumulation is not however the prepper mentality is that you prepare for every eventuality.  Preparing for the storm

Our daughter moved out this past year into her own place so one of our goals is to help her become more prepared as a young woman on her own but the good news is she lives in close proximity to others who are well prepared as well a great way for her to slowly learn survival skills in a safe environment.  My husband also taught her how to use her own small propane stove that she can heat up water with and discussed with her how to use and maintain this as her first official prepper item.

Here is a video of them boiling water on the camp stove!  It’s funny too!


I feel confident that we have basic prepper supplies and alternative prepper methods on hand:

  • medical supplies
  • water
  • canned food items
  • dehydrated food items
  • firewood
  • blankets
  • a community of neighbors and friends that work together and help each other
  • alternative methods of cooking
  • alternative methods of lighting
  • alternative methods of refrigeration

These are just a few of the prepper supplies and topics you need to be thinking about.  Surprisingly many people don’t have any preparations on hand and even if you don’t want to become a “prepper” which I don’t know why anyone would not want to become one because you are either prepared or you are not and yes there are varying extremes of this but I would rather be prepared than not!



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    1. That is so clever and a great idea to share here thanks so much! We used to tape our windows with plastic and have not done that for a while because we have newer windows now but if the power goes out that will really keep the house warmer!

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