DVD Review: At Home Canning for Beginners & Beyond with Kendra Lynne from New Life On A Homestead

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DVD Review: At Home Canning For Beginners & Beyond with Kendra Lynne

Used with Permission by Kendra Lynne.

Hope you are all having a great weekend everyone and getting ready for the New Year!

One thing I want to do this new year is to really ramp up our canning efforts on our homestead! I would like to double up on our canning efforts!

I am so excited to share my DVD Review with all of you about “At Home Canning For Beginners & Beyond” by Kendra Lynne from New Life on a Homestead. She was recently on my podcast at the Prepper Broadcast Network and we had a great time and talked “All Things Canning” to hear the show click here.

That being said when I shared with her that I wanted to review her canning dvd she sent me a copy to review and I have to say it is a collection of excellent information, canning techniques, recipes, and canning tips!  My husband The Viking in my life watched with me and his comment was “This DVD is straight forward and easy to follow along!”.  Ease of watching is important especially when you are learning something new!

This is a DVD packed with lots of good information! Do not think that you have canned in the past so you won’t learn any new information not the case with this DVD. I learned a couple of new things I did not know before I watched it! I don’t want to spoil any of the good stuff I learned but it was pretty great! If you are new to canning and don’t know where to begin especially if you have never pressure canned this is the DVD for you!

If you have never canned in your life you will learn:

Basic Canning Information
Good Hygiene Information
and How to get meals put aside for the future

If you are a seasoned canner you will learn:

Some reminders and refresher info
Some “Short cuts” that’s what I call them but Kendra Lynn has some very efficient ways of doing things!
Some great ways to get More food put in the pantry after watching this I realized I could probably double up on my canning efforts this coming year!

Click here for the $5.00 off coupon for Kendra Lynne’s DVD! It’s not too late to get this for your favorite canner or your favorite Hostess with the Mostess!







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