Yes, We’re The Fix It Couple!

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Yes We’re The Fix It Couple!


Why are some people pre-disposed to fixing things and others not?

I have decided that I know the answer to this but you may not like what I am going to have to say….it’s a mindset….some people just don’t like fixing things and don’t want to take time to do it. The good news is that anyone can be the Fixit Guy or the Fixit Gal! Yes you heard me you can paint your bedroom and makeover that room you have been wanting to do!

Often folks say to me well Karen it’s just so easy for you……”Not true!” I say…”Just ask my Mom…or the Viking! I haven’t always been a fix it gal! It came about because necessity is the mother of invention!” So what do I mean? I knew that I wanted to be able to can, dehydrate, and freeze my foods for the future and well I lived in farm country in Maryland but I had no one to teach me so what did I do? Did I give up? No I went to the library and I peppered some of my new neighbors that had been living the country life with questions and slowly but surely my knowledge in this area grew and now I’m knowledgeable about canning since I have been doing it for years. You too can become knowledgable about anything you put your mind to.

Trust me it’s true! Have you read the book “The Outliers” it discusses how many years it takes to become an expert at something and I realized that I have put the hours into becoming an expert in the Homesteading arena and also as a onsite Technology technician in Education!……It’s exciting but then over the past two decades I have done a lot of painting, house repairs, and housework so I guess I am a homemaking expert too! Although I really don’t believe in the term expert I liken myself to a continual life learner. You can continue to learn new skills for example like me this year I picked crocheting up again. My Grandma had taught me years ago to single, double, and triple crochet and I am at it again.

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Follow your dreams and create within your parameters….add some sweat, love, and a crazy drive to get the job done and well it’s pretty wild what you can accomplish! This post is meant to be encouraging and to just inspire that creative fix it guy or gal in you!

Have a beautiful week…until next time!



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5 thoughts on “Yes, We’re The Fix It Couple!

  1. Hey Karen an Mr. V.. I fix just about anything I can because I’m not paying someone IF I can do it. I do admit to hiring someone to help pick the weeds last year because with my wife pregnant and a million other jobs on the go I went ahead with my wife’s wishes. The only time I really hire someone is when a professional is needed or I don’t know what I”m doing. If I can’t figure it out I don’t want to pay for it twice making a mistake.

    1. You bring up a great point Mr. CBB and probably one I should have added to my blog post….which is yes the Viking and I do hire professionals when necessary we like to point out we do go to the dentist and doctors we just try to do as much ourselves as we can….we are going to try to build our own porch because he has the skills and his brother is a carpenter however we will probably take forever! We will be hiring roofers to replace our roof though we are getting too old to do some of this stuff LOL! I tried to hire a house cleaner once for a party and it was so much work they turned me down but our house is small enough I can get it tidy in about 4 hours with a mess!

  2. Awesome attitude Karen!!! My Mom learned to crochet after my oldest son was born, then figured out knitting about the time my daughter was born. All three of my kids got hand made knitted and crocheted stuff from Grandma!! I learned to sew from her as a child then kept on learning, she said I was better than her, I’m not so sure but whatever.. I make a few bucks here and there doing alterations for others. I can knit and crochet as well as my Mom did. I figured out quilting on my own and made a few small things. Regardless of age we can learn what ever we want to learn if we really want to know!! If we want to do something bad enough we can learn how to do it! There is no stopping us!!

    1. Christine I agree! I am teaching myself to get a little more advanced with quilting this year…..and I believe if we want to learn something bad enough for the most part we can….although my husband won’t teach me how to fix our AC unit LOL I don’t know if he just does not think I’m capable but I’m a quick study for sure! Sounds like you had a wonderful Grandma and you used your skills as a resource! Great minds think a like for sure 🙂

  3. We’re the same- fix it all. We don’t do plumbing though, too much room for error. We did our bathroom remodel almost completely ourselves, except the plumbing upgrade and vinyl flooring. I wanted the floor PERFECT and knew we couldn’t do vinyl sheeting. It’s perfect 🙂 Good to know your limits, but also keep learning things…

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