Book Review & Giveaway: Aftermath A Story of Survival by LeAnn Edmondson

Book Review & Giveaway: “Aftermath A Story of Survival by LeAnn Edmondson” with contributions by Mike Kosinski


I love when I get the opportunity to to do a book review and it’s especially fun when I get to interview the Author on my Live Radio Show that airs every Tuesday at 9:00 pm on America’s Preppers Network -Prepper Broadcasting Network. This is the case with LeAnn Edmondson and her bookAftermath: A Story of Survival Aftermath: A Story of Survival, End Of The World Disaster, Escape, and a story filled with rich complex characters but that’s not the coolest part the coolest part is that LeAnn Edmondson uses her fan base at her blog Homestead Dreamer to help her write the book. The fans get to have input on what she names characters and what is going to happen next! How cool is this? LeAnn’s story is also pretty exciting because she herself lives in Ketchikan Alaska so she lives on an island in Alaska so even though she may not be far out in the Alaskan wilderness her own childhood setting and she’s a homesteader to boot has helped form her writing and I must say it’s pretty fantastic. I have been a life long reader so when I read “Prepper” fiction or any other fiction I am looking for believable story lines, compelling plots, characters I can relate to and more……I found all of it in this book!

If you want to find out what LeAnn was thinking when she wrote the book take a listen to my interview her. Click here. We had a great time on the show!

Do you have a bug-out plan for an emergency? Are your prepared for the future? I know many of us preppers from beginning to moderate to advanced all think and plan about potential options and issues. This book actually takes LeAnn’s knowledge of the prepping world and actually walks through an emergency scenario as a real prepper would and as LeAnn and I talked in our interview I realized that the main character Jimmy’s biggest threat was other humans and isn’t that the case in real life or at least in the movies? LOL!

This book will take you on a whirlwind with Jimmy as he realizes an end of the world scenario happens. He has to relocate quickly to survive, and then what happens next is dealing with unethical and ruthless people, the government quickly has its own agenda and Jimmy has to figure out how to deal with everything coming at him to survive. Funny when you have food, water, and shelter people will find you in an emergency situation and LeAnn Edmondson brilliantly writes about all of this in a way that will truly engage you! If you haven’t heard of her check out this book…and I can assure you that you will know who she is her writing is well on its way to her having an entire series or a multitude of books!

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I am a huge fan of prepper fiction this is how I know I probably will be writing it one day and the truth is I actually have I have 2 books “Not finished!” ;)……but exciting news at the end of June I will be interviewing Bobby Akart– a well known prepper fiction Author and blogger at Freedom Preppers! Stay Tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the review I thoroughly enjoyed this book it was scary at times but I could not put this book down…yes it’s one of those!



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