Book Review & Giveaway: Winds of Skilak “The Continuing Saga” by Bonnie Rose Ward

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Winds of Skilak “The Continuing Saga of one couple’s adventures and survival in the Alaskan Wilderness”

Book Review Winds of Skilak, The Continuing Saga

If you love fishing, wildlife, homesteading and adventure this is not a book to miss!
– Karen Lynn

Book Review and Giveaway

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was when Bonnie Rose Ward asked if I had any interest in doing another book review for her.  I was elated!  First of all Bonnie is an amazing writer and she makes you feel like you are right there with her and Sam every step of the way on their journey in Alaska.  Also,  when we corresponded I was in the middle of my busiest season at work, in school part-time, and I had no idea that Hurricane Florence was going to be heading our way in the near future in North Carolina.  I must share that Bonnie has been extremely patient with me and I am so grateful that she as an author and homesteading friend has crossed my path.  I also enjoy living life vicariously through her especially when she is talking about eating creamed bear for dinner….oh yum…I bet it was amazing! On to the book review

If you have ever wanted to live your own self-reliant journey and strike out and go off-grid these are the books to read.  I feel like the continuing saga shares a lot more about daily living in the off-grid lifestyle and truly you will feel like you are right there with Bonnie and Sam every step of the way.

Bonnie writes about her excitement to have female companionship as it was rare on the island where they lived, and also shared about some of the unsavory characters they ran into on their journey.  I think surprising Bonnie and  Sam have little luxuries that they enjoy.  They aren’t living in some cold run down shack, they have prepared a home that is a haven for them in Alaska and work side by side much of the time although Sam does go to find work when it’s available as well as goes on long hunts from time to time.

Bonnie shares her longing for connection with her family and favorite stories of the holidays and special times shared with friends.  There is no doubt that Bonnie is an amazing cook as every meal she shares about made my mouth water as I turned the pages.

I don’t like to divulge too much in a book review as I don’t want to give away the many fun, compelling, sad, and scary stories that await you.  Life in the last frontier of Alaska is tough, perilous, and even isolating but Bonnie sprinkles her magic and perspective between the pages and it leaves you wanting more.  I laughed, cried, and even white knuckled the chair at times as I read through these pages.

If you would like to win your very own copy of this book enter below!  This is my copy of the book so please note it is used and it has been affectionately carried around for the last couple of months as I reread through some passages and I took the book out west with me recently while I was on vacation as it seemed appropriate and a great way to end each evening with Bonnie, Sam, and friends!  I don’t like a great book to go to waste and this needs to fall into someone’s hands that will love it as much as I did.

This giveaway starts today at 4pm and ends next Sunday at 4pm. Good luck to all who enter!

If you can’t wait to win your own copy just click below and purchase yours today!

Winds of Skilak: The Continuing Saga of one couple’s adventures and survival in the Alaskan wilderness

I hope you enjoyed the review and I know without a doubt you will love this book as much as I did!

As a final bonus if you haven’t heard my interview with  Bonnie Rose Ward on my former live show  on  The Prepper Broadcasting Network take a listen click here!



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