DIY: Chair Repair (Frugal & Sustainable)

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DIY: Chair Repair (Frugal & Sustainable)


DIY: Don't Buy A New Chair Instead Do A Minor Repair

Hi ya’ll! I know it’s been a while since I have shared a blog post so I thought I should get back at it so here I am! What’s been going on with me? Well I have been loving fall and we have been working in the garden and of course very busy with my new job. This partial empty nest season is kind of crazy, my son came back home from school but he is working a lot which is a good thing and we don’t see him all that much The Viking and I are in a new season right now and well it’s taken some readjustment but we are getting there. Life is simpler these days and a little quieter it happens quick so for those of you with little ones don’t say you weren’t warned. I have been doing more crocheting, adult coloring, and spending time with my family and trying to fit more time for the garden and long walks both of which I think are extremely important. I have actually been cooking less for example dinner tonight is just a simple meal of scrambled eggs but they are my farm fresh eggs from my chickens so they will be delicious!

Recently a friend of mine gave us some beautiful oak chairs for our kitchen but shortly after we got them one of our chairs cracked and I did not want to spend money running out to get new chairs when you know that we are “Frugal” minded here at our Lil’ Suburban Homestead so before I could even get to have a conversation about it my husband decided to do a little chair repair and truth be told you can’t even see the crack in the chair anymore.


So here are the steps the Viking took to repair this chair:


1. First the Viking taped the bottom of the chair with painters tape but you could use masking tape both are easy to remove.

first the Viking taped the chair.

2. His next step was to use a good wood glue to put glue in the crack and try to cover both sides of the crack thoroughly.

put glue in the crack

2. The next step he took was to clamp the wood tightly. He says that you can use a bar clamp or ratchet straps to secure and add pressure to clamp the crack back together. He used clamps on the top and bottom to make sure the wood would go back together flush.

clamp the crack

3. Remove the excess glue with a damp cloth and your chair is almost like new and you saved money too! Every time we fix something we are also acting more sustainably which I love too!

I have lots coming up too! We are getting more into native plants here in North Carolina and I am going to share about some of my latest that I have added to our collection and I have a collaboration of guest post series that we are getting ready to do with Survival Sullivan. I realized that I have made a lot of friends on the journey that do what I call essential prepping but maybe more light prepping so I thought his series would be fabulous it is geared to folks who prep a lot like I do for hurricanes etc…but not for when a major event occurs so this series should be a lot of fun! It will run every Friday or every other Friday for the next couple of weeks we haven’t ironed out all the details yet so stay tuned! You guys know I don’t have a lot of guest posts on my lil’ blog not just because I like to have you guys all to myself ha ha but because I want to make sure you get the best high quality posts so I can assure you that you are going to really enjoy the posts that Dan Sullivan is putting together for Lil’ Suburban Homestead followers I think you will be pleased!


I wish you all a beautiful week, until next time…



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5 thoughts on “DIY: Chair Repair (Frugal & Sustainable)

  1. Looks good!!! Not sure how it would go if hubby here tried to ‘fix’ a chair…that boy is not a fan of the KISS principle by any means. He tends to overdo things a lot!! He calls it improving something, but the rest of us call it something else.

    1. Ha ha Christine that is too funny! But at least he would try and thats the important thing 🙂 Thanks for stopping by friend!

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