New Beginnings, New Adventures….What’s Your Next Chapter?

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New Beginnings, New Adventures….What’s Your Next Chapter?

the weekend jar


New Year, New Beginnings, New Chapter, New Adventures

Recently some bloggers that I know and I  were all sharing how excited we are for new beginnings in 2016! So I thought I should share some of the changes I am making from my last post when I wrote all about my word for the year “Innovation“.

1. I met with a nutritionist and I’m not eating gluten-free, paleo, or any specific food group at this time. I am just eating a good balanced diet which coincidentally has very few carbs in it over all. I think its about 75 carbs a day from grains….so it’s still controlling the bread, pasta, etc…

2. The Viking and I put together a “Weekend Jar” to make sure we try and do new things in our area we recently picked out of the jar and went to a local museum.

3. I am trying to eat or find new cheap local sustainable type stores/restaurants.

4. I am volunteering with an organization that I so believe in called “Feast Down East” which is all about getting real food from the farmers (local food system) to help alleviate poverty in rural and urban communities. It’s a wonderful organization and I am excited to get involved.

5. First ever road trip through Florida – should be exciting.

6. We are planning to go to our very first music festival!

7. I am finding a “Walking” partner at work to stay active.

8. I am going to be sharing some really cool new stuff on the blog….I plan to surprise myself.

9. We are thinking of offering beekeeping demonstrations at our lil’ suburban homestead… if that happens we will let ya’ll know.

10. We are planning a lot for our YouTube Channel so make sure to subscribe. This month started off busy but it will happen I promise! Click here to subscribe!

If you are not following us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter please do I am telling you the blog is going to be on fire this year because I have the time now to make sure I get to all of you the best and most relevant blog posts on Sustainable Living, DIY, Suburban Homesteading, Beekeeping, Healthy Living, Wine Making, fresh and fun recipes and much more!


My blogging friends are all joining me on their own “New Beginning Adventures!” make sure to check out their posts!

Little sprouts



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aimee's new beginnings



Click here to read about my friend Aimee’s new beginnings!



I hope you enjoyed reading about all of our new beginnings, new chapters, and new adventures.  I would love to hear all about what’s on deck for you in 2016!  


I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time.




4 thoughts on “New Beginnings, New Adventures….What’s Your Next Chapter?

  1. This is a great article. Seems like you have a busy year a head of you! I love the weekend jar idea! I think that would help with my hermit tendencies on the weekend.

    1. Kayla I love the jar idea it’s a lot of fun and the cool thing is that it is ever evolving meaning we can continue to add to it as we think up ideas all year long 🙂 Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. Looks like things are going well for you there!! Winter and snow finally showed up here to give driving challenges for our weekly trips for hubby’s chemo. He’s doing OK but we are only in the third 5 week cycle. Time will tell there. We have many friends praying for us locally and online and I appreciate all of them. This is his second time for this so it is slightly less overwhelming. We have a better idea of what to expect and he wasn’t nearly as sick going into it this time around. I take things one day at a time.
    I will have to look you up on Pinterest!! I don’t have Twitter or Instagram…. Face book and Pinterest are addictive enough!!
    Have a good week Karen Lyn!!!

    1. Christine I hope you are staying warm friend! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for safe weekly trips I know how important these trips are for your hunny. I have been thinking of you through all this….sending hugs…..Yes I look forward to connecting with you on Pinterest…I’m a social media addict as you probably already know LOL! Have a great weekend and thank you for the updates I so look forward to them!

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