Yes My Word For 2016 Is “Innovation”…What’s Yours?

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Yes My Word For The Year Is “Innovation”…What’s Yours?

innovation my word for the year brought to you by lil' suburban homestead

I never asked any of you but do any of you have an new years resolutions? I don’t really have resolutions this year they are more like declarations and no I did not look up the difference LOL! The other day I was at my friend Bridgette’s house and she showed me a handmade gift she had received over the holidays and I absolutely loved it. She shared with me that she was in a Bible Study Group and each person had chosen a word for the year (last year) and that her word was “Balance”. I just listened and like a lot of things just mulled this over and really reflected on how much I liked the gift she had received. So a couple of days later I see one of those Facebook quizzes you know the kind that can read your mind and all that good stuff. So I took the plunge and I took the one that says “What is your word for 2016?” and my word for the year was “Innovation” and I thought “Wow this really resonates with me and that’s really cool because my tagline at my blog is “Where homesteading & Innovation Meet” and then I looked up the definition of “Innovation” and you know what it means is basically to change….this past year was one of great change for me it was not all good, it wasnot all bad…it just was. The change in my heart is so different for the coming year I wish I could explain it……

be happy yes that is my advice I know it's hard some days....

So in the spirit of change I have decided to do more of the following in 2016:

Laugh more.
Play more.
Garden more.
Dream more.
Sleep more.
Read more.
Clean more.
Walk more.
Save more.
Handcraft more.
Pay more forward.
Look at the ocean more.

Cleaning is my new form of meditation and it’s working I feel so relaxed. Laughter is my new therapy and it’s so easy to visit with family and laugh or pop in something fun on Netflix.

Doesn’t sound for the most part very industrious and yet I have been doing more of this over winter break and my house is cleaner than it’s been in ages. Just making a little time for fun and dreaming et…all is creating huge change in my life already and the new year has just begun.

2015 for me was a year loaded with heart ache some I have shared and some I have not but I will tell you all the Viking and I are gonna’ be okay. We are grateful for each day we have with each other and our family. My husband has a song he loves I don’t know which one it is but it has the lyrics in it “You gotta’ love the ones you’re with!” he reminds me of this often. Folks will come in an out of our lives we must determine our attitudes about this whether we lose them to death or whether they just don’t choose to be in our lives anymore.

I believe in the “Homesteading Spirit” you know the kind of spirit that Laura Ingalls had my childhood heroine and other “Real Living off the land Pioneers” that have come before me. They had a quality that I highly revere called “fortitude” my children heard about it all the time growing up whether they wanted to or not. I would say “fortitude” makes the difference between the strong and the weak and with fortitude comes discipline and a strong mindset. I am thankful for that quality and it’s one I treasure. I realized though doing what you have always done doesn’t make you “Innovative” so that is why I chose this word I’m not giving up on fortitude but I am open to change and accepting that it can be a good thing. Change is scary and this past year I had way more than I ever wanted but this change “Innovation” isn’t always calling for big huge changes. Innovation is calling for me to look at my life my relationships, and my moments differently and well I’m game.

On to the blank slate 2016 it’s an opportunity wide open and really the sky is the limit but the truth is I really want to laugh more, garden more and sleep more LOL! Seriously. I am grateful for all of you on the journey with us! So what is your word for 2016?

I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time.



10 thoughts on “Yes My Word For 2016 Is “Innovation”…What’s Yours?

  1. Survival might be the word here again. Hubby has had his monoclonal numbers go up as of Sept. We are not sure where that will take us but he is back on his chemo drug again. We go into the city for his Velcade shot 4 weeks out of 5 and see the doctor every 5 weeks when he starts a new cycle. We go this week on Wed. to see the doctor and the chemo, I do the driving these days and it all makes for a long day for both of us. Normally they wait a bit to see where the numbers go but with him, he was so sick back in 2012 when we went through this the first time the doctor didn’t want to wait to start again. The good news is that it’s the monoclonal numbers and not his light chains…So far at least. This may not make sense but if you want to know about what he has, which is amyloidosis, there is information on line if you google it. The Mayo Clinic site has good info and easy to understand… Hope you have a wonderful year!!!

    1. Survival sound’s like that’s what you are dealing with Christine….my heart aches for you. Sending love and hugs and I will look up about this I know that it’s been a tough time for you and I am grateful that we have connected. I will keep you and your hunny in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for sharing this with me and I will be thinking of you, him, and your family.

  2. Well, the past two years I have focused on “Peace” being my word of the year. I’ve done a lot with focusing on Peace. I’ve let a lot go, and lived a much happier fuller life because of that. I think this year, my word shall be “dynamic”…. as in
    1. characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

    I would like to see more change, activity and progress in the next year – more of what I have been doing and where I have been going, and focusing on all that is good in life. (More sleep sounds good, Karen!)

    1. Dana I love the word Dynamic it certainly suits you and as a matter of fact so does peace…..:) It’s been a challenge to try to get to sleep at a reasonable time but I am really shooting for 8 hours a night I just feel happier and more settled when I do. I can actually feel my adrenals calming down LOL! So glad for sharing your word and I hope 2016 is amazingly dynamic for you friend 🙂

  3. Facebook gave me the word, Joy. But according to my doctors, my word needs to be “fit.” So perhaps I will be joyfully fit. And while here in FL for the “season”, I will take lots of walks…some on Sieta Key. This will bring me joy and help me get more fit.
    In reflecting on your comments about change, I remember a concept form my days of serious change management work: “change = loss and change = opportunity”. I do not think it is possible to get to opportunity without acknowledging and feeling the sadness of the loss. But it is good to know that opportunity awaits if we are not to tied to seeing only the closed door.
    To your friend, Christine – you and your husband have a very difficult illness to bear. My prayers and good wishes are with you.
    And Karen, wishing you lots of fun and “JOY” with your Innovation.
    NOTE: “Love the One You’re With” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (1970).

    1. Yes that’s who sang it and so appropriate Mom…since it’s my birth year! Seems like you are getting a great start on your “Joyfully” fit year! Enjoy! Thanks Mom!

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