The Seed Trials….Are Your Seeds Still Viable?

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The Seed Trials….Are Your Seeds Still Viable?


the seed viability test

We have a ton of seeds…..I mean it’s ridiculous.  We both love to buy, collect, barter, and save seeds so it can get completely out of control.  I can’t really decide which seeds are my favorite I mean they are all amazing to me.  Each seed contains life in it or it’s supposed to and you add water and sunshine and a miracle happens. If all goes well we have a seed that starts growing into a plant an in our case food!    So this weekend I decided it’s time to test some of these seeds.  I am a little late on this one but it’s time to start our seed viability tests some of our seeds I fear we have just had around too long so we are about to start the seed trials.

 I am doing it in different rounds (groupings) and in different ways.    I would take a photo of our seed storage but it’s so disorganized right now I would be embarrased bu that being said that is what 2016 is all about right?  Innovation which equals change well I’m on my way.   

the seed trial records
Our first seed trials of 2016 we did in a cake pan…my brain child and the Viking thinks our next round will be done in baggies.  It doesn’t matter how you do it but they must be kept damp and in a dark area.  We also may do a sponge trial too where we lay them out on sponges.  I only do a two seeds for my vegetables I have very few seeds left and don’t worry if they are viable they won’t go to waste we will put them in the greenhouse or on the kitchen window sill.  I am so excited for this and our results will be one of three choices (very simple) 100%, 50%, or 0% viability.  I will also report back to you if these efforts however simplified they may be were worth it.  I think that this process “The Seed Trials” will save us time and money; first of all I won’t waste money on seeds if I don’t need them (not that it’s ever wasted but I want to be efficient), and we can concentrate our efforts in purchasing the seeds that are truly needed.

 I am already dreaming of our garden this summer and I am hoping it will be chock full of tomatoes, peppers, egg plants, and tomatillos. All of these grow so easy for us and we shouldn’t have to think much about them or our herbs. I could say the same for our Jerusalem Artichokes they are so easy to grow but we have to be careful they don’t take over our entire yard. However they make such a light, dry, crisp, wine that they are a nuisance that I am happy to deal with LOL!   Then we have our high maintenance plants like squash, asparagus that we have to really  work hard to get them to thrive to maturity.   I can’t wait to get our seed orders in!  Can you?

the seed trials waiting for seeds to sprout

Truth is there is no way we can put all of our seeds to the test. No way no how…but I have decided I am going to put some of them to the test. I have them in a tray on top of the refrigerator to keep them warm.  For reference here is a great guide a vegetable seed viability chart for your reference – click here!

I can’t wait to post the results to all of you.  Also just an fyi two things….I was recently interviewed on my good friend Josh’s show “The 7 P’s of Survival” on the Prepper Broadcasting Network so if you would like to take a listen check it out just click here!  I was also featured on my good friend Tiffany’s blog at Imperfectly she is doing a feature called “Highlighting Homesteaders” and the Viking and I were thrilled to be a part of her series so I would love it if you wanted to see that feature too just click here!

Are you a seed addict like us?  What are your favorite seeds to collect?

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!





6 thoughts on “The Seed Trials….Are Your Seeds Still Viable?

  1. I need to check some of my seeds here. I saved the seeds last year from our gas plant I am hoping will grow. A friend sent me some tomato seeds to grow too!! A special kind…called Black Crim…. supposed to taste really good!!! Can’t wait!!I need to see how my pots in the garage did over winter….

    1. Christine I love black krim/crim tomatoes so good! I wish you luck on the condition of your pots too……I am looking forward to posting the follow up on our seed trials 🙂 Thanks for stopping in I have been thinking of you in this cold crazy snowy weather!

  2. Tomato seeds are my favorite because they last so long and are easy to start. My favorite to grow and cook with is Green Zebra because it’s a green tomato even when mature – it surprises people.

    1. Julie….I think I have tried the green zebra…my friend Katherine had some they are a wonderful addition to color and flavor in a salad….I don’t think I have cooked with them but they sound wonderful. I will add them to my shopping cart this year…thanks for the suggestion and I’m so glad you stopped by 🙂

  3. I,too want to try to plant everything in my seed box. My seed box is a card fill box that measures approx. 18 x 20″……. I love seeds and, also barter,save and buy way too many. It is a love that I will never get over and will continue no matter how many I have to stuff in that pink box. 🙂

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