Feast Down East – Why We Care & Why You Should Too!

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Feast Down East – Why We Care & Why You Should too!

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As you know we have been involved in local gardening and beekeeping clubs for several years now and I kept hearing references to “Feast Down East” and I really didn’t understand what was this “Feast Down East” organization was all about.

Well this year I grabbed some of my nerve LOL…I have a little bit you know ;)and I reached out to this organization and let them know that I wanted to volunteer with them.  I said I know you have something to do with getting good, healthy, fresh food to urban areas and this is something I am extremely passionate about and I found out that I was close to the money but they have a mission statement and it really states exactly what they are all about:

So my husband and I met with a member of the Feast Down East organization and she was extremely knowledgeable and enlightened us on not only their mission statement, what they are all about, but she also shared how we could get involved. I was so pumped!

To quote part of Feast Down East’s mission or purpose statement on their website.

It’s aim is to build a strong local food system and alleviate poverty in rural and urban communities. Feast Down East helps small-scale limited-resource farmers build and sustain their farms and connect them with local markets.

To find out more about this organization Click Here.

I don’t know about you but this is something that the “Viking” and I want to be a part of. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if everyone regardless of their socio-economic status had fresh, healthy food to eat straight from the garden and it helps our local farmers too!  Win! Win!  What a concept it sounds so simple but we could grow this and we could do this on a much larger scale and we want to be a part of it. I’m just over the moon with enthusiasm for their mission and we have the privilege of volunteering for them for there upcoming 6th Annual Regional Conference! So exciting!

Why we care – Well “food” is the new medicine and the more fresh, healthy food we can get to the masses especially the impoverished who have limited access the healthier and more vital our future will become. The news is attesting to this every time I turn around I read how we should be adding specific fruits and vegetables for a variety of reasons but they are all good! The earlier people start eating fresh fruits and vegetables the more likely they will reach for them their whole lives. The truth is fresh healthy produce contributes to a a healthier lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had access? Also this organization promotes empowerment helping to start and educate on the planting and maintaining of community gardens. I am just scratching the surface on all of the things this organization is involved in!

Why you should care too – Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease is on the rise all over the US, isn’t it nice that something like this supporting our local farmers and providing access to inner city/urban populations that are often impoverished can have access to the same fresh food that you do at your farmers market or in your own backyard!   So many people live in apartments or spaces where a garden isn’t even allowed. Isn’t that ridiculous that they won’t allow gardens – but it’s true!

Here is the Regional Conference Information if you would like to attend.  For more information Click Here.

feast down east

We are going to be in the “Backyard Gardening” presentation room and I can’t wait to help out as a volunteer and learn more about what we need to be doing on our own lil’ suburban homestead!

I will be taking photos and reporting back to all of you soon!  The Viking hopes to be a part of helping out with some of our local urban gardens so we have lots going on in 2016!

I wish you all a beautiful week, until next time!


Karen Lynn


4 thoughts on “Feast Down East – Why We Care & Why You Should Too!

  1. This does look awesome!! Around here people with gardens are encouraged to ‘Grow a row’ for the food banks and I know our local food bank has a fridge and freezer and just loves getting stuff like that!! Nearby Stratford has a local food place that helps with gardens and programs to help folks get good fresh food. They even have cooking classes for adults and kids too. They do more but I can’t remember it all!! Enjoy the conference!!!

    1. Christine that is wonderful that you all have “Grow A Row” what a wonderful way to help local food banks in your own area! I will definitely report back on the conference. Thank you for stopping in friend 🙂

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