You Can Cook A Whole Turkey In A Sun Oven? Yes You Can!

You Can Cook A Whole Turkey In A Sun Oven? Yes You Can!

cooking turkey in a sun oven

Recently I had the good fortune to have Paul Munsen with Sun Ovens International give a Sun Oven lesson for all of you and I must admit I learned a bunch. I am kind of embarrassed to say I had my sun oven for a while and was not using it to its full potential and therefore missing out on lots of “foodie” opportunities.

I had no idea that that the sun oven could cook a whole frozen turkey and that you could bake bread that compares to fresh-baked bread from bakeries if not superior but I learned a whole lot more! The best part about this webinar is that you can listen to most of it and review the slides as needed. Pretty cool huh?

To watch the class click here.

If you want to make the leap to a more sustainable lifestyle I could not think of a more perfect step…..for us it was a very natural transition since we are out in the garden all the time anyway it just was easy to cook a dish for me and turn the sun oven from time to time but I learned in the class that you don’t have to always be there to turn the sun oven.  Who knew?

You can do so much more with your Sun Oven then I even imagined but this gal will no longer be under utilizing her favorite sustainable living tool.  I will be having a lot more Sun Oven recipes coming this year and I can’t wait!

Once Paul added up the savings for me well it was just simple that if you count the energy savings but also use it for the other uses that this particular tool more than pays for itself.  The frugal me tends to do this anyway if I buy something new I add up the savings it just makes me feel better about myself and for me the Sun Oven has indeed made me feel better about myself and for me that is a good thing!  

And since you have not heard me do a podcast lately I am talking with Paul on this webinar…it was a great time….warning though it is a ton of information but you will know a lot about owning a sun oven….it’s awesome!  

Paul offered Lil’ Suburban Homestead readers a major deal on the Sun Oven at the end of class…..even if you are not ready to make that leap check it out and think about it…..we always have to mull over our investments.  It took us a while to pick out a grill last year…good things come to those who feel confident in their purchasing decisions.  One last disclaimer I won’t share about a company I don’t believe in…..I truly believe in and love this product.

Can’t wait to share more recipes soon!

Have a great night everyone and let me know what you think of the class!


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2 thoughts on “You Can Cook A Whole Turkey In A Sun Oven? Yes You Can!

  1. The Paul Munsen class was one of the most informative ever! I learned several new ways to use my Sun Oven and have been experimenting with new dishes in it ever since. Yesterday was brownies. Today I’m “hard boiling” eggs in it.Tomorrow will be blueberry/zucchini bread. Sometime this weekend I’ll try baking a whole chicken. Woo hoo!

    1. Ray I feel the same! I think we are at a pivotal point with our relationship with our Sun Oven….learned so many new things to cook and try! Can’t wait!

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