Book Review & Giveaway: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

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Book Review & Giveaway: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

A Kid's Guide To Keeping Chickens

If anyone loves chickens kid’s do for sure! At our recent Coastal Cluck Coop Tour all of the children who stopped by wanted to go into the chicken run with the chickens and pick them up and be hands on! They didn’t want to settle for hanging outside and leaning over and looking at them. I am so excited to have this opportunity to do a book review and offer you all a giveaway for this fabulous book “A Kid’s Guide To Keeping Chickens” by Melissa Caughey (blogger at Tilly’s Nest). I highly recommend this book for anyone that has kids that plans on raising chickens for a couple of reasons. One Melissa has done your homework for you so if you are on the fly like I am all the time she has already figured some chicken in’s and outs that she shares with all of you!

I was fortunate that I got to meet Melissa Caughey at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville! We had so much fun talking chickens and enjoying all the fun at the Mother Earth News Fair! (see photo).

Karen Lynn with Melissa Caughey at the Mother Earth News Fair

The highlights of this book include:

The top 10 Chicken Breeds for Kids (I was surprised at some of them!)
Numerous Activities to do along with your children that include raising chickens
How To Deal With Broody Chickens
Care and Handling of Chickens
Chickens and The Garden
Chicken Runs
All About Eggs
Craft Activities
Science Experiments
Recipes and so much more!

I only wished I had had this book when we first started raising chickens at the time my children were six years of age and eleven years of age but I can promise you they had a blast! Exciting times and if you are just getting started you will feel the excitement too and so will they. This book would have kept us busy for hours and I would not have been as nervous about some of my decisions. Luckily I did have Mother Earth News Magazine and Grit Magazine at that time to help me figure things out!

I am of course only highlighting a couple of the items that Melissa includes in her book. The photos are magnificent and engaging and this book even includes a fun interactive “bonus” poster at the back of the book for your children as an activity!

Click below to enter to win and if you don’t want to wait click on the Amazon Link below and order your own copy today!

By the way the winner will be announced here on this widget and on Facebook next Saturday, May 28th!

Good luck! I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

  1. How did I miss this post! Thank you so much for sharing my book and I so loved meeting you and your husband. I hope to see you again next year. XO- Melissa

    1. Thanks for visiting Melissa! I am speaking next year probably on a small stage but I am so excited! I would love to catch up with you 🙂 Your book is awesome and you know what I had a friend who is just getting into chickens and raising small children so I gave it to her as a gift after I reviewed your book. She was so excited! Sorry for the delay on my response I was out of town and unplugged completely sometimes we have to do that you know 🙂 Take care and talk soon!

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