What The Flock? Meet The New Gals!

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What The Flock? Meet The New Gals!

What The Flock?  Meet the new gals
Happy Sunday Ya’ll!

The one thing that is constant in life is change and our chicken flocks are no exception. So through no fault of our own we recently lost three of our feathered gals only to leave us with our Americana chicken “Silly” and I guess she was just crazy enough to be the lone survivor. So I put out an “All Call” to all my chicken Momma and Papa friends and boy did they surely rise to the occasion and soon we were adopting two cuckoo marans from one friend although I suspect one of them may be a barred rock and the other three we got from my friend Elizabeth at Lizzy Lou’s Family Farm. We got a black star, a buff Orpington, and a wilsommer from her and I have to say I love all of our new chicks they are so much fun to watch grow up.

They don’t all have new names yet…..but the two Cuckoo Marans I call the “Bobsy Twins”, and the buff I call her “Baby Buff” and I am sure I will come up with names for the other two chickens eventually. Now of course we aren’t really in the eggs yet but my boss has hooked me up with a farmer locally and I am getting about two dozen eggs a week from her for now so we are still eating farm fresh eggs. Thank goodness! Once you have had orange you just can’t go back…know what I mean?

The other really cool thing about these chicks is that we put them in the pen and they all figured it out and got along I didn’t have to place them in separate settings like we had in the past and “Silly” seems to keep everyone in line which is fine with us.

So if you are thinking “Oh my…what the flock? Where are your old gals?” Yes I must share that they were sadly eaten by what we are fairly sure were raccoons it makes me sad to think about as we have not caught the culprits yet but we are taking more precautions I promise you. If you are new to keeping chickens well predators are just part of what we have to deal with along with heat, diseases etc…. Raising chickens is not for the faint of heart…just saying. It’s one of those things that you do until you can’t keep on keeping on and I figure I’ll know when that time is.

I will be announcing the winner of “Epic Tomatoes” by Craig LeHoullier this week so stay tuned! I will also be picking a new winner of Permaculture For The Rest Of Us: Abundant Living On Less Than An Acre as the winner did not respond to my email and I have exciting news I have a new book review and giveaway coming for “A Kid’s Guide To Keeping Chickens” by Melissa Caughey! So much is going on at our lil’ homestead and the blog I can hardly keep up!

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time.


Karen Lynn

5 thoughts on “What The Flock? Meet The New Gals!

  1. Your new girls are beautiful! I have to say that I’m incredibly grateful to all of the chicken mamas I know. Having a supply of good healthy eggs is one of the best things ever! Love orange!

  2. How nice that your chicken mamas came to the rescue. So true, once you’ve had an fresh orange egg it is very hard to go back. Do miss our friends eggs since we’ve moved to Florida.

    1. Hi Karen! So good to hear from you…I need to stop in and pay you a visit and see what has been going on with you! Hope you are having a wonderful Summer! Yes I love our orange eggs indeed 🙂

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