Are You Prepared For Hurricane Matthew?

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Matthew?

are you prepared for hurricane matthew

Are you prepared for Hurricane Matthew?

Hurricanes are scary events and the damage that this one has already done to Haiti is beyond devastating. Quite frankly I have lived in coastal areas most of my life, in my younger years I grew up in the Tidewater, Virginia area and storms overall never really concerned me but this one does. I think it’s the size of this storm with Hurricane Matthew and it’s intensity that lets you know that this storm is just more than slightly diabolical. (If a storm actually cared what I thought…sadly Mother Nature does not!)

Sometimes our state of North Carolina especially the coast can take quite a beating but I do think it helps to be prepared.

We are prepared with hurricane supplies as follows:
canned food
variety of fuel sources (propane/wood/gas/oil)
candles/oil lamps
fresh eggs from the chicken out back
beef jerky/salmon jerky
cat food
dog food
toilet paper/paper towels
waterless hand sanitizer
gas tanks are full
important documents are located in one area
hotel reservations are made in case we cannot hunker down for any reason
RX are stocked up
We have eggs from the chickens too!

We have also been trying to eat out of the freezer all week in particular because we hate to lose food and we don’t have a generator. We eat the most expensive items and work our way down. I was even diligent to pack a lunch that was cooked from the freezer to ensure we don’t waste. We do have an inverter we can use in a pinch but I don’t want to risk it.

You may also if you have small children want to make sure you have books/games/coloring books etc…for you all to do if it’s stormy out. Less people on the roads even in a storm that’s not as bad is still helpful to emergency staff. Find out where your shelters are in your area as well and which ones allow pets.

Another debate we had in our house was to hunker our chickens down or leave them free in the run and since our run has trees in it where they can fly up to to escape rushing water we decided to let the chickens be free. We also have the concern with the bees so my husband the Viking in my life makes sure to secure our beehives with cinder blocks and even possibly ratchet them down if necessary.

Are you preparing for Hurricane Matthew? What are you doing to be more prepared?

I am sending prayers, positive thoughts, and good energy to stay safe for all who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew.


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5 thoughts on “Are You Prepared For Hurricane Matthew?

  1. Stay safe!!!! We don’t normally get the effect of the hurricanes here but come winter we get snow…and because I live in that little v-shaped bit between the lakes Huron, Erie and Ontario we get what the weather folks call lake effect snows or streamers off the lakes. These cause white out conditions driving…so not pleasant. But our truck is getting ready for then, the winter tires are on and she goes in tomorrow for some exhaust work. I hope we don’t have to make too many trips into London for appointments for hubby and his Amyloidosis but if the roads are open I can make it……Take care Girl Friend!!!

    1. Thank you for the good thoughts Christine! Oh and please stay safe on the roads I have been thinking about you and your hunny. We are safe and we ended up being much luckier than others. I pray for those who lost loved ones in Hurricane Matthew.

  2. Living in Central Florida and 45 minutes from Daytona I am as concerned as you. However, we have definitely prepared for this major storm as you have! Hope all is well for you and your family. Stay safe!

    1. Hope you are safe and didn’t sustain any major damage. We rode it out and fortunately only suffered debris. My heart aches for all who suffered loss of friends, family, or community members in this horrific storm.

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