A Must Read! The Backyard Bread & Pizza Oven by Brian Thomas and Teri Page

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Book Review:   The Backyard Bread & Pizza Oven by Brian Thomas and Teri Page

the backyard bread and pizza oven by brian thomas and teri page book review


Hello friends,

I had to share with all of you about this book!  I so enjoyed reading about how I affordably and without too much difficulty could build my very own bread and pizza  oven on our lil’ homestead!  We are so inspired to build our own bread and pizza oven out back and we cannot wait for warmer weather to head our way to get started!

Would You Like A Backyard Bread and Pizza Oven?

The Viking and I have talked of doing a backyard pizza oven or even a complete backyard kitchen even and quite frankly after talking to Teri I feel like the possibilities are endless with what you can do!  She shared with me that she doesn’t just bake pizza and bread in her oven but that it saves her time and she multi-tasks with this oven all the time so the reality is this backyard pizza oven that they built on their off grid homestead is used for baking, heating, warming, roasting…pretty much if you can cook it well then it can be done in that oven.  To see what is going on at Teri’s blog Homestead Honey Click here!

I can only imagine making cast iron paleo pizza, dutch oven apple crisp, and so many more amazing delicious recipes…YUM!

Here are some Instagram Accounts I follow that will inspire you about bread and pizza ovens and make sure to follow them if you feel so inclined!  Oh and I added mine and Teri’s Instagram’s too….:) I know I don’t have a pizza and bread oven but we love cooking outdoors and most likely The Viking and I will have one in the next year and I will be taking tons of pics for sure!

Instagram Posts – Backyard Cooking and Bread and Pizza Ovens


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Once you read the book and see the approximate budget of this project you will be for sure feeling like you need to have one at your homestead too!

To hear the radio show where I interviewed Teri and I talked a little bit about this book Click here!

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did.  I am always excited to interview fun and informative guests and that is Teri Page for sure!  If you have not visited her blog make sure to stop by and pay her a visit and go get that persimmon cake recipe of hers…YUM!  Click here!  (More photos that will make you hungry over there! lol)

Oh I almost forgot to get your copy of this wonderful book which is very reasonably priced I might add and would make a great gift for the holidays Click here!

Please let me know if you build your own and make sure to email me a pic at lilsuburbanhomestead@gmail.com as I would love to see it or if you have already built one as I just think this is such a fun project that with ingenuity, guidance which Teri’s book will offer you that more and more folks can build their own!

I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time!

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