Don’t Throw That Pumpkin Out! Roasted Fall Pumpkin Pie Spice & Brown Sugar Pumpkin Seeds

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pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar pumpkin seedsWhen was the last time that you roasted pumpkin seeds? We decided that anytime we carved pumpkins we would use all the parts of the pumpkin years ago! Best decision ever and this year we decided instead of just having pumpkin seeds the traditional way with salt and olive oil that we would try something new. So I love pumpkin pie spice and I love brown sugar but I decided we had to add salt and olive oil as well!
This recipe made the house smell magnificent!  Best of all if you were going to decorate with your porch with pumpkins anyway it’s basically like a FREE ingredient for a snack….and who doesn’t like FREE?


So my husband dived right into this project and of course we used a commercial cookie sheet we use for a variety of projects at our lil’ homestead that was dumpster dived for as well!  I never know what he will bring home but I love this cookie sheet it has come in quite handy for flash freezing blueberries too.  Of course this is a fairly healthy snack even with the addition of the small amount of brown sugar and salt and it’s an unprocessed pantry item for the most part. Let’s face it we all get enough junk on the holidays so any idea you can put out that the kids will love and enjoy making is a keeper!


We did not measure this recipe at all but here is what is in it if you would like to try this for yourself:

We baked at 325 degrees until they were done around 20 minutes or so you want them to be a little crispy at the edges.

Seeds from 2 Pumpkins purchased for Halloween

Sea Salt

Olive Oil

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Brown Sugar

We just seasoned ours to taste and for texture but I think we used about 2 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice and about a tablespoon or two of brown sugar.  The really cool thing about this snack is that it really resonates with that kettle corn taste it was yummy and for fun me and my good friend Bridgette both brought our roasted pumpkin seeds to munch on at the football game last night!

the viking and I getting ready for halloween

She made hers traditionally with salt and olive oil and we made ours as I have just shared with you and everyone in our group enjoyed them!  They were both delicious!  So don’t throw away something that can become a pantry staple at Halloween or any other time of year and if your neighbor carved up their pumpkin ask them “Hey what are your plans for that pumpkin?” ha ha LOL!  Just sayin’….if it were my neighbors they would not be surprised at all.

I can’t believe it is November and my son just played his last traditional football game of the season but good news we are going to the play offs!  It sure was a nail biter game last night!


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  1. Back when the kids were small I would cook up the pumpkin for pies and muffins too!! The son of a friend won’t eat pumpkin pie unless it is fresh cooked pumpkin and home made pie crust…his mother curses a blue streak cutting up the pumpkin but it is so worth it!!

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