DIY: Bourbon Barrel Stave Candle Holders & Succulent Planters

DIY: Bourbon Barrel Stave Candle Holders & Succulent Planters

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I’m so excited to share with all of you these gorgeous barrel stave candle holders and succulent planters that the Viking in my life has been working on. He has started his own business called ByrdzNBeez (A Division of Lil’ Suburban Homestead) and he is on Etsy. Click here to visit his store.


A man and his art! #artsandcrafts #ILM #vintage #upcycle

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You know the Viking and I have been called the Dynamic DIY duo at one point in our blogging history and well it’s true we love re-purposing and upcycling every day items that otherwise may get thrown in the trash or just otherwise discarded. At times this can cause stress with where to store some of this great stuff but we are in process of decluttering once again. Our household is in a constant state of always trying to improve and learn what works and what doesn’t work. I thought at one point that we would not have to always re-visit decluttering but the reality is we will never stop working at it….kind of like me and my healthy living journey lol…it will never go away so I just keep plowing ahead. I love continuing to make our home more inviting with thrift finds and we love to upcycle furniture too.


Barrel Stave candle holders made from Bourbon Barrels. First person to comment Sold with a note about which item you would like. That is the purchaser, and payment will be via a paypal link I will message you. Free shipping to Continental US only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: Just note each piece of art work has a different rustic look and they are all individual! These details are partly what make these such a unique gift idea and a conversation piece! We so appreciate all of you! Please share if you like what you see! Ya’ll are all awesome! Lil’ Suburban ByrdzNBeez Etsy Store 3 candle holder includes shipping to continental US – $30.00 – Only 2 Left! 5 candle holder include shipping to continental US – $35.00 – 3 in stock! Planter holds 1 plant & 2 candles includes shipping to continental US – $40.00 – 1 left Sale ends at 7:20 pm on Tuesday June 20th or until we run out of inventory. #decorcrushing #societyofdesigns #hometrends #houseplantdiary #myeclecticmix #finditsyleit #interiors4all #homeinspo #earthinspiredhome #howyouhome #pocketofmyhome #vintagehome #vitagelove #plantdecor #homedecor #home #cottagelife #saltlife #ilm #gardenchat #homesteading

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I am so excited to share with you some of the Viking in my life’s works of art. I hope these pictures inspire you and maybe you will make your own but if not we are having a flash sale on Instagram right now! I never do that but I had to get the word out about his awesome work so this seems to be what all the bloggers and artisans are doing on Instagram so I’m joining them now for an occasional flash sale! If you like what you see please share with your friends even if it’s not the right time for you to purchase right now. Thank you so much to all of you!

In particular I love these gorgeous vintage tea cup planters! I have this exact one in my office! What do you think?


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We do not ship plants sadly at this point in time. It’s always best to buy the healthiest plants from your local plant seller.

The barrel stave candle holders are made out of barrels that previously held bourbon and then it was used to brew beer. After that it doesn’t impart any more flavor so entered the Viking in my life to create something beautiful out of this barrel. He makes candle holders and planters from the staves and he also started making vintage tea cup succulent plant holders as well!

It is so much more frugal to make your own gifts or buy from small businesses such as ours. We are all about keeping costs down and not passing on a bunch of expenses to our customers. Better yet we are more likely to tell you how to make your own.

I hope you think his work is as beautiful as I do! I am so inspired!

I wish you all a beautiful week!

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