Herb Of The Week: African Blue Basil

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african blue basil

This is a very exciting and aromatic herb!  I absolutely love it!   I got my very first one of these particular kind of basil from our friends Thom & Nikki we met them through some  local gardening and bee keeping clubs.  I don’t have a lot of experience with this herb but the one time that I planted it and it did well it was absolutely beautiful on all of my dishes a chef’s delight!  Not only that but another bonus is  that this herb is absolutely delicious and my friend Thom told me that if the bees have a choice between any other basil and this particular basil they will always choose this one first.  Well you know anything for our bees and I am hoping to take cuttings off of this plant and have more next year.  This was such a hot item at our local gardening sale that everyone  requested it we had one seller that did have it available but they had to get back to their farm and get more.

Medicinally like any other mint family herb;  basil settles the stomach however it does stimulate the appetite as well.    All basil’s have antibacterial properties and it has been traditionally used to treat inflammation  which as you know can be caused by stress among other toxins and pollutant that our body has to deal with as well.  This must be why I crave fresh basil all year-long!

This is definitely a must have item for your herb garden.  I was grateful that we were able to get some more because what I didn’t know then that I know now is that this particular basil does not winter over well so it was actually in my herb garden entrenched so now I know this would be a good one to have in a pot so it is mobile and can go in the greenhouse before the first frost or we need to grab cuttings and get them in the greenhouse at the first sign of cold weather for our area.  if you can’t tell I am completely and utterly addicted to herbs and love to showcase them and their amazing properties on my lil’ blog.

I found another new exciting herb at the garden sale that I’m going to be sharing with all of you soon so come on back soon.  Thank you so much for stopping by our lil’ suburban homestead I always looking forward to hearing from all of you!  What herbs are you growing in your gardens?  Which one is your fave?



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5 thoughts on “Herb Of The Week: African Blue Basil

  1. We love basil and grow it every year. I’ve never heard of this kind but I’ll be on the lookout for it. I had no idea basil stimulates the appetite. Like you I always like to do research and share it with the fans and that is why I love blog posts that not only share personal stories but also educate us. Thanks karen!

  2. Sounds like a great basil to try. I really love the lemon varieties as well and include them with my dry mix of regular basils. They are great with fish and chicken. Thanks for sharing about this basil, looks like I’ll have to be on the lookout for this one!

    1. Nancy you will love it! I need to invest in a lemon basil thank you for the idea I am very good friends with a local herb farmer in our area….I am one of her regulars 😉 So glad you came over here!

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