Every Meal Can Be A Feast

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feast time

If you couldn’t tell we are such foodies here at Lil’Suburban Homestead…..true we continue to strive to eat healthier, reduce sodium and fat and make better choices but nevertheless at the end of a long hard-working day we want to see a delicious plate full of good unprocessed or minimally processed whole foods that make the long day feel like a thing of the past.

We make a great effort to eat as a family, break out the wine glasses, or put flowers on the table and to make dinner time a time of day when everyone can unwind, relax, and share about their lives with each other.  Often we will play music in the background but not the television the television is off and cell phones are not brought to the table unless you are taking pictures of the meal ((I’m guilty of this as you all know).

It’s the little things that can make a dinner special……candles on the table, blue mason jars to drink out of, just those finishing touches…..I find people will oooh and aah when they come to the table but most of all they like to feel special!

What does the word feast mean to you?  Well I looked it up in the free dictionary online and this is what it says:

feast  (fst)



a. A large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by entertainment; a banquet.
b. A meal that is well prepared and abundantly enjoyed.
2. A periodic religious festival commemorating an event or honoring a god or saint.
3. Something giving great pleasure or satisfaction: a book that is a veritable feast for the mind.
In my opinion my interpretation of a feast is 1.a. and 1.b and we do accomplish that goal around here and I want you to know you can do the same of course most nights are feasts are more like b (a meal that is well prepared and abundantly enjoyed).
Here is one of my favorite books on making dinner time with your family a celebratory occasion among many other topics.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have for me this book is on our reference shelf it got me through some hard times when I didn’t think it was possible with such a little amount of money to make things special for my family….”Oh boy was I wrong!” Tracey McBride in my opinion not only has the gift of encouragement but she made things seem possible to me……at a time when not much did and not only were we struggling financially but I was battling Thyroid Cancer and didn’t even know it at the time.  Sometimes Angels do come to us in all sorts of different forms and ways and I think this was how I received help from an Angel during a dark time….I still have her book all dog-eared with notes in the column it meant so much to me.

homemade fried potato chips
We can all strive to reach this goal every day and meet it no matter what your dietary requirements are and what your time restrictions are however if you are bringing home take out every night it’s not quite what I am talking about unfortunately when we grab foods out in a hurry they are loaded with sodium and other chemicals and not easy for your body to process.
grilling dinner
A feast can be as simple as bread, cheese, grapes, crudites and wine or it can be as elaborate as some of the meals that the great chefs make on television.
When I am preparing dinner I think about the temperature outside, the kind of day everyone has had, and then I see what foods we have in the garden to cook up, and lastly I did through the refrigerator and pantry and voila the magic happens!
 my husband took this picture of  roast chicken after a long day at work it was much appreciated
I wish you many feasts in your future!

13 thoughts on “Every Meal Can Be A Feast

  1. That’s the way my family was back home where dinner time was family time. Since we have no kids dinner time is chat and tv time. We watch tv when we eat and have a laugh. A feast to us means having various dishes that are all homemade for a meal fit for Kings and Queens!! Cheers

    1. I have seen all of your recipes and I know for a fact without even being in your home that you and the Mrs. know how to put on a feast for sure! Don’t get me wrong sometimes the tv is on for special events…….but the rules aren’t really whats important anyway what is really important is that it works for your family and circumstances and the laugh is the most important thing of all taking time to share our loves and our joy! Thanks for the visit Mr. CBB 🙂

  2. Hi Karen Lynn, How do you cut those potatoes like that? Is there some kind of cutter. Up here in Northern Ontario Canada it is just starting to get warm enough for my plants to grow. The Rhubarb has been fabulous in all the cold weather this year. This morning it was almost freezing. I made 20 pies today for the farmers market tomorrow and 100 butter tarts. Lots of fun. For dinner tonight we are having our own venison sausage with Rhubarb Chutney.
    So inspired by what you write. Guess what, I have chickens now. Love those eggs. Just hope a bear dose not decide to visit for dinner. Keep writing. You are truly right any meal can be a feast. My students always enjoy your ideas too. thanks Maureen

    1. Hi Maureen, So glad you stopped over here…….and so exciting that you have chickens now that is too cool! I would be worried about bears too especially since we have so many issues with racoons and possums. I am so jealous of your rhubarb and if I lived close I would me making the trek to the farmers market to buy one from you tomorrow and you must be exhausted. I have been eating low carb and the thought of rhubarb is making my tummy rumble right now…;) I so appreciate your encouragement often times I think us bloggers don’t know who is checking in to see what we are doing and it warms my heart to know your students enjoy our ideas because we so love to share them….it’s people like you and them that make this journey worthwhile for us! Enjoy your summer hope you stop back by soon.
      PS – About the potato waffle cutter I will post a “Tools Of The Trade” post soon but basically it is just a potato slicer with a corrugated blade so we slice a potato one way and then turn it 90 degrees and slice it again. Maybe I can get my husband to do a demonstration 🙂

    1. I loved writing and sharing this post because I think we fail to realize how much of a feast a humble meal can be! So glad you stopped in! 🙂

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