Our Beautiful Golden Honey Harvest & It’s Sweet Delicious Fragrance

“the bee…gathers it’s materials from the flowers of the garden and of the field, but transforms and digests it by a power of it’s own.”

Leonardo Davinci

the honey harvest

It is very hard to get any major projects done in the house during “Sticky Door Knob Season” ……so I sometimes have mixed emotions about this time of year meaning I love it and yet I realize that I have to put some things on the back burner.  At the same time it is such an exciting time of the year it means that my husband the “Beekeeper” has kept the bees happy so they went about their business doing what they do!

Yesterday I spent some time bottling up our honey it is always extremely gratifying to see all the golden jars awash in the afternoon sunlight.

bottled honey

Our friends loaned us their honey extractor for this harvest and my husband had to hand crank it but he was in good spirits as the reward was so sweet!

my husband bottling the honey

When my husband brought the “supers” in this is how they looked below and you can see on the super itself how much honey is waiting to be harvested.

the honey super when it came into the house

And “Oh My” it is so fragrant it washes the house with its sweet delicious aroma!   The frame below that my husband is holding is loaded with capped honey!


While we are on the topic of honey I have to discuss its health properties with all of you because we raise our honeybees chemical free we do not use pesticides and yes it’s a lot more work probably keeping the pests and hive beetles away but we just don’t want to wonder what is in our honey.  We process our honey by just filtering out the main sediment so our honey is raw meaning it has not been heated up so essentially you are getting pollen and other micro nutrients along with enzymes your body needs and enjoys!  If you buy local honey from a local bee keeper you can best believe you will keep your allergies to a minimum if not at bay entirely.  If you do not know where to purchase local honey in your area make sure to contact your local Agriculture Dept. or Arboretum they will usually know of clubs in the area where they can get you a list of people to contact.

I love to chew on the honeycomb when it comes right out of the super and squish out all of the honey and some people eat the comb itself I don’t but the taste is amazing!  I had a friend say to me you don’t know what all is in there and I just said “maybe extra protein” 😉

Have I mentioned the sweet aroma of honey that just takes over our household during the honey season!  It is so sweet and delicious smelling.  I just absolutely love its fragrance! (sorry for repeating myself over and over :)…..) I honestly wish I could put a scratch and sniff on this blog post!   Thanks so much for stopping in and joining us on the journey!



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7 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Golden Honey Harvest & It’s Sweet Delicious Fragrance

  1. Wow, that’s lots of honey Karen. Do you keep all the honey for yourselves or do you sell it? What are some ways you enjoy honey? I’d like to see some of your famous dinner recipes with honey..

  2. Seeing all those honey jars lined in a row is a beautiful sight indeed. Our local honey guy got out of the business & I’m trying to find another local to buy from. My problem is that my allergies are pretty severe and pointed directly at ragweed. That means for the honey to do my allergies any good it would have to be harvested in October or later, and most beekeepers will not harvest then because they need to leave it for food for the bees to overwinter. Any thoughts?

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

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