Golden Orbs Of Goodness – The Beautiful Muscadine Grape

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muscadine grapes

We are fortunate that we have a muscadine grape vine right out front of our house and today my husband noticed that those beautiful golden orbs of goodness were ready to be picked.  I absolutely love muscadine grapes and while I do realize they are not for everyone because they do require some extra work because eating them is kind of process.  I love packing them when we travel to the mountains they are the perfect snack and pare well with some wonderful pecans but don’t get me started on pecan picking another wonderful pastime.  🙂

The Viking in my life grape picking

If you have never eaten them the best way to eat them in my opinion is to stick the entire grape in your mouth and squish out all of the yummy goodness and then you spit out the seeds and then last you spit the skin out and yes it is a little bit challenging as it does require some skill.  If you have never tried these I hope you put them on your list of things to try they are simply amazing!

Also I think grapes are an amazing food my doctor told me he thought grapes were the perfect fruit as they do not raise your blood sugar hardly at all and they taste so sweet and delicious!  They are one of my favorite fruits to snack on.  I am also proud that ever year our edible garden thrives more and more on our Lil’ Suburban Homestead it’s the little seeds you plant every year literally!  It’s exciting to see the fruits of your labor and to every year have more and more home grown local food!

I personally  love muscadine grapes, muscadine juice and muscadine wine they taste like a little bit of heaven as far as I am concerned!

Wishing you all a beautiful and joy filled week!


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