Happy Birthday To Us & A Month Of Giveaways

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happy birthday

This month we celebrate our Lil’ Suburban Homestead’s 3rd Birthday!  We have an exciting month ahead and I am so glad you are all joining in on the celebration!

Here is the line up for this month!   Each Friday we will have a giveaway post and details will be included with each post!


August 2 – Candy Roaster Pumpkin Seeds for 3 Different Winners
August 9- 1 lb of raw local Honey from our apiary called “The Winsome Roost”
Some of my favorite books!
August 16 –  3 “Used or New To Our Readers” Books for 3 Different Winners

Container Gardening Through the Year by Malcom Hillier

Simple Pleasures Garden by Susannah Seton

The Potted Herby by Abbie Zabar
August 23 – New kid’s or adult fishing rod (the winner can choose)
garden hod
August 30 – Garden Hod
*Details on each of these giveaways will be posted each Friday this month!

I was so excited to offer these giveaways although I am sad that some exclusions apply but I cannot ship honey to Canada and the Garden Hod, books and fishing poles can only be shipped to the Continental US.  I can however include North American countries for the seed giveaway.  I am so sorry that I cannot honor my giveaways globally I realize I have lots of readers in various countries but I plan that one day when my daughter gets her first CD made with her music I will do a giveaway with her music and I will make it a global giveaway!  I so truly value all of my readership and I mean every single one of you!

Thank you so much for joining us on the journey for the past three years and being part of this wonderful month-long celebration!



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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Us & A Month Of Giveaways

  1. Happy 3 years wow! I had no idea your blog has been running for so long, but I love it. You are such a hard working kind hearted person who invites us all into your homestead. It’s opened my eyes to what life is like learning to live from what we sow and grow. A true inspiration and glad to call you my friend! Here’s to another successful year for Lil Suburban Homestead!! Mr.CBB

  2. Thank you so much Mr. CBB and just know your friendship means so much to me! I truly appreciate your wish for us to have another successful year means more than you know as I will share more this month in some of my blog posts of how far we have come on our Lil’ homestead! We consistently strive to keep stuff out of the landfill, work with our neighbors and friends, and continually look for innovative ways to lead a rich abundant life during a tough economic time in the US. I am so grateful for our connection via the wonderful world wide internet and must share with everyone that I learn so much from your blog and appreciate it so much!

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