I’m A Reel Lady & Our Fishing Rod Giveaway

me fishing on a beach in North Carolina

As you all know we are celebrating our 3rd Birthday all month-long and every Friday this month (in this case Sunday)   we are having a giveaway so that you can be part of the celebration!  Thank you for your patience on this post we had to pack in a lot this week and with me going back to work it takes me a while to get used to my new schedule.

This week our giveaway is for a fishing rod because fishing is a passion of mine and you never know if its not now it may become a passion of yours too.  I love the fact you can literally go out and catch your next meal when you go fishing and you could even make my delicious fish stew it’s amazing plus you get to spend time with some of your favorite folks 🙂

This is a re-purposed fishing rod in beautiful condition the only way you would know it is re-purposed is that the cork is slightly darkened and it has a brand new fishing reel made by Abu Garcia.

re-purposed fishing rod

fishing reel

The Winners of Our New To You Gardening Books Are As follows please email me your address at lilsuburbanhomestead@gmail.com so we can get these out to you right away!  (By the way I do notify all winners via email but I need to be contacted within 48 hours of the winners being announced).  Thank you.

Remember these winners were randomly selected by Rafflecopter.

  • Sue S.  won “Container Gardening”
  • Cristy Y. won “Simple Pleasures Of The Garden”
  • David & Annette won “The Potted Herb”

Enter The Re-purposed Fishing Rod W/ Brand New Fishing Reel Giveaway Here! (starts at midnight tonight)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We are so glad you are all joining in and celebrating with us all month-long!  Who knew when we decided to share our lives with others and our journey of sustainable living that we would be still going strong after three years and we continue to have more and more ideas to share with all of you!  Remember our last giveaway is coming up next weekend for The Garden Hod you will not want to miss the Grand Finale of our celebrations!

Have a great week everyone!


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12 thoughts on “I’m A Reel Lady & Our Fishing Rod Giveaway

  1. Very beautiful rod and reel! My 11 year old daughter has just discovered how fun trout fishing is with her dad and now they go nearly every weekend. So far she uses an old hand me down rod but we are looking to get her very own gear very soon! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

    1. Georgie trout fishing is probably some of the most exciting fishing there is and frustrating as all get out! Good luck on the contest!

  2. Fishing is important to me for 5 reasons – Food,Fun and my 2 Daughters and Son, gives us something to do, even if their mom hates it 😉

    1. Aaron I can imagine that not everyone loves fishing maybe….ha ha but I grew up fishing and my Grandpa totally glamorized it for me but I think it’s awesome that you enjoy it and include your family 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping in and Good Luck!

  3. I moved to California from Hawaii a few years ago and while I grew up fishing in the ocean, I had never fished in freshwater before. A friend took me trout fishing about a year ago to an amazing lake up in the mountains and once I caught my first trout, I was hooked! Ocean fish are bright, colorful, and tasty, but nothing, and I mean nothing, could rival the beauty(or taste!) of rainbow trout. Plus, fishing in the early morning next to a peaceful lake surrounded by pines while the sun comes up is an experience everyone should get to have. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

    1. Charles I agree I love fishing in the mountains and I don’t even have waders I go in the summer and I just let the icy cold water make my legs numb…..so peaceful and trout for breakfast over a camp fire is unrivaled! I agree 🙂 Good Luck!

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