Home Sweet Home & The Magic of the Mountains

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Deep Creek in Smoky Mountains

We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Tennessee and the beautiful Smoky Mountains oh boy it sure was breathtaking out there.  However there is nothing like Home Sweet Home when you get back….I must admit I missed our dog, our cat and our chickens but I feel so blessed that our family went together including our grown up daughter what a blessing this was and what fun times we had and great memories we made!

We had all sorts of adventures while we were up in Tennessee.  We visited Gatlinburg, we went to visit Cades Cove which was on my bucket list and it meant so much to me so even though we went in the pouring rain I loved every minute of it!  My son took some amazing pictures of the wildlife see the pic below my son snapped of a deer as we drove through the loop.

A Deer my son spotted at Cades Cove

Next year I have decided we are bringing our dog we just missed him too much.  Here is another picture my husband took of some butterflies mating on a flower it’s just beautiful!  I have so many photos I could post them all week long!

A Butterfly on a flower in the wild

We also went white water rafting a family activity we all love doing together and you know my motto “Move It If  You Can“…..:)  This was the most exciting river I had rafted it had Class 3 and 4 rapids in addition to the water being extremely high and flowing very fast.  Prior to this we had rafted “The Nantahala” and “The French Broad River” my husband has actually rafted a few other rivers up in West Virginia and Virginia so he is the most experienced rafter of our crew that’s why we put him and my son the athlete up front 🙂  Our guide was fabulous from “Rapid Expeditions” I highly recommend them if you travel up to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Sevierville, Tennessee area! The other couple that came with us in the raft had never been rafting before and I can vouch that they had the thrill of a lifetime a couple of times I was worried I would be thrown out of the raft one of the rapids we went through was called “Lost Guide”…need I say more 😉

white water rafting with the fam

It sure felt good to relax and take a few days vacation…….I don’t know there is just something magical about the mountains and a place where you can leave your cares behind you!  We spent our 4th of July together it was raining and misty so nothing impressive about the fireworks but we were had fun in spite of it I think that was the night we had half price milkshakes for dinner 🙂

Thanks for stopping in today and I wish you all a beautiful week filled with joy!



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Cades Cove

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home & The Magic of the Mountains

  1. LOVE the mountains! I want to try white water rafting too one day. Going to have to google, Cades Cove. I am not familiar with that. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bobbi Cades Cove is just gorgeous and they have historic buildings and churches as well as cemeteries to explore….worthy of a road trip for sure! White Water Rafting is so much fun The French Broad River near Asheville, NC is a great river to start on if you have never been! So glad you stopped in today!

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