What Does Dad Want For Fathers Day?

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what does dad want for fathers day?
It’s Fathers Day tomorrow and every where you go there is another commercial for razors, shaving cream, ties and the like….but maybe Dad would just like a day to enjoy the Barbecue and a nice cold beverage!

A lot of guys are fathers to their nephews, nieces and other family members too. Tonight I am going to take a minute (well maybe more than a minute ;)…) and brag on my husband the Viking in my life because from day one my husband has been an amazing father to both of my children. He entered into fatherhood like a fish takes to water and I have truly been blessed to co-parent alongside him. Children just love him to pieces and both of his kiddos ages 16 and 22 still do!

Fathers Day doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be about Dad so here is a list I put together of things that the Dad in your life might like to do on his special day!


Beaching It/Hiking/Just Getting Outside!




Playing video games

Sifting Through His Favorite Collection

Hang out in his man cave!

Fathers Day does not need to be a day to spend a lot of money it can be a frugal activity! Get the guy some beef and leave him to his own devices….if you are feeling in particularly generous maybe cook him up his favorite side dish! 😉

I hope all of you enjoy the man/husband/Dad in your life! I know I for one am so grateful for my husband and I am getting to spend some time with my Dad today and I’m taking him out for Barbecue!


Karen Lynn

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2 thoughts on “What Does Dad Want For Fathers Day?

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Karen. We just take it easy and if the weather is good we head to the beach where he can relax and enjoy just being with all of us. He always tells us not to get him anything so we just buy him some of his favorite snacks and treats and love on him a lot… But, we do that every day! 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to your Viking!

    1. Thanks Deb! That sounds like you and your honey will have a wonderful time….we are taking my husband to his favorite restaurant but we have a 30% off coupon (Yes I do!) LOL! for brunch and then we are just going to let him play with his bees or whatever he wants 🙂 Hope you guys have wonderful day! Thanks for the visit!

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