Fall Garden Splendor

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fall gardening

I am so proud of our fall garden that I have to share some pictures that I took yesterday.  We have collards, broccoli, lettuces and we even have some purple basil flowering that we are going to collect seeds from.

We are making a soup tomorrow that is going to be chock full of collards, white beans, and chicken broth.  We recently went out to dinner and had a black-eyed pea and collard soup which was spicy and warming and amazingly delicious!

This fall garden has more than made up for the rough summer we had with our garden and actually one of the reasons I love gardening is that each season is new and you never know what to expect.  If you like predictability than gardening in coastal North Carolina would not be all that enjoyable for you LOL!

the joys of fall gardening

I love eating salads and other vegetables right out of my back yard garden don’t you?  For one I love the self-reliance of it but the truth is is that it is so much healthier for you and a lot less chemicals as well.

I am not a huge collard fan I tend to love kale more but ever since I had collards in that soup the other day I am coming around.

What is your favorite recipe to make with collards or kale I am always curious about what others are cooking up at their homesteads?  I also like  to make roasted kale as well in the oven and cook it until the edges are kind of crispy on the edges in just a little kosher salt and olive oil YUM!

Wishing you all a fun-filled weekend!



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4 thoughts on “Fall Garden Splendor

  1. Great website.. please help… planted fall garden for the first time in pots, covered with much… sprouts are coming up through mulch.. it’s late fall here, getting colder. should I cover with more leaves or plastic? thanks for your help and great tips…

    1. Sandra we need a little bit more information what exactly are you growing? If you can tell us this we can give you some ideas 🙂

      1. so sorry… planted garlic for the first time in several large pots… watered/covered with mulch/leaves. sprouts are popping up… live in south jersey and nights are getting colder… is plastic necessary to cover…. thanks for reply.. love your information blog…

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