Karen Lynn’s No-Sew Fleece Blankie With Fancy Ties!

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Karen Lynn's No Sew Fleece Blankie

I found a new holiday project this year……some of you might think the no-sew fleece blankies have  been around forever and they have… but there are a lot of new variations and I personally love the new fancy tie that I am adding to the fleece blankets I am making for Christmas this year!  I can’t wait to share this with all of you but a huge item to pay attention to is to make sure you have the best scissors for this project.   I had a 50% off coupon to a local fabric store in our area and I bought a very nice pair of scissors I am so enjoying them!

invest in a good pair of scissors I also use a regular ruler and a 48″ t -frame ruler but I struggle with drawing straight lines 🙂

My supply list for this project:

2 1/2 yards of one color fleece fabric

2 1/2 yards of another color fleece fabric (prints work too)

Total fabric = 5 yards

a good pair of scissors

a ruler

a measurement mat

and a 48″ t frame ruler but it’s not necessary but I like it for the cutting to keep it even.

I made my blankets larger than most of the tutorials I saw on the internet but I have a son who is 6’4″ and is a football lineman and so I like the blankets to be big and I also like the idea if some one is traveling they can cover up with one it is the perfect traveling companion.  My sis in law made a bunch of us these blankets about 5 years ago and I still use the one she made me it is a good size about 2 1/3 on both sides.  The ones I make are about 2  1/2 yards on both sides….so 5 yards per blanket but they turn out so nice and definitely worth the investment!

The first step is to line up the fabric where the soft side of the fleece is facing towards the top or the bottom.  We have to put 2 tables in our dining room to accomplish this task.  Once we lay the fabric on top of each other I cut the bias on either side long wise and make sure any holes or edges are cut off.

fabric all lined up


You can use your T-frame to make sure the blanket is even on all four sides…..and one place where I bought fabric from I had to trim it up even more so in the end my blankets ended up smaller from those because I had to trim so much.

Before ou start cutting and tying your fabric you need to remember to cut out a 6″ X 6″  square from each corner once you do this it will round out the corners quite nicely.cut fabric like so

When it comes to tying the ties I wanted to try something new so made this blog video tutorial but I absolutely love the way the ties look.  I call them fancy knots!  Let me know if you have any questions.

close up on fancy knot

I hope you all love this project as much as I do I am so excited about sharing these this holiday season it is my new favorite project and the ties just make a great 1st impression most folks just love it and I love how bubbly it looks on one side.

I also really love how the gift tags turned out  I hope you all like them too!  I plan on doing a blog post on the gift tags too!  have a great week everyone I guess we are all going to be busy from now until the big day…Christmas Day of course 😉

gift tag





6 thoughts on “Karen Lynn’s No-Sew Fleece Blankie With Fancy Ties!

  1. How do make it so there is no gap between the knots when I did mine you could see little gaped where there was no knot

    1. Kristy I never noticed this on mine…you may want to cut your knot pieces to a slimmer cut….we all tie differently so that could be an issue possibly. How many more are you making?

  2. As part of a volunteer effort for our local foster child program, we made 250 of those for the package given to kids aging out of the system. I was the instructor/facilitator for those who volunteered.

    1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this! These blankets are fun to make but they are labor intense so I know how much work that was! That is awesome!

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