Our Fall Mountain Adventure…Apples, Hiking Trails, & Brewery Tours

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The Viking & I on the top of Frying Pan Tower

Every fall my husband The Viking in my life head up to the mountains in Asheville, NC to procure bushels of apples to make a variety of goodies for our pantry and this year we also made it a point to go hiking, and visit some breweries as well.  We had an amazing time and it was so hard for us to go home but I wanted to share some photos with all of you of our memories!

This year we brought 7 bushels of apples back from the mountains to make apple butter, apple pie filling, applesauce, vinegar, homemade wine, and hard cider.

apples in the back of the truckI can never really pin point my favorite part of any of our visits to the mountains I just love going, I love the journey, I love spending time with my husband of course, digging through thrift stores, and of course looking for treasure in used books stores my favorite stop usually.

You can see the joy on my face!

I believe pictures tell a story one of the many reasons I love blogging and you can just see the joy on my face from taking the time to sleep in, meeting new people in the mountains, relaxing on the hiking trail with my husband it all adds up to one happy gal!

11-19-2013 10-36-31 PMThis was a spot we stopped at to take pictures and just enjoy nature as we were coming back down from Mt. Pisgah and the sun filtered through the leaves and for just a moment it was breathtaking I wish I could share the beauty of the moment in these pictures.

On the last day of our journey before we left we went to the farmers market to get apples and we spotted a bear!  My husband quickly grabbed the camera and caught this picture.  I had to stop the children in the market from sounding off the bull horn and scaring this bear away and I managed to hold them off for a minute.  I am sure the bear was just as enticed by the smell of the apples as we were.

a bear enticed by the smell of the applesWe purchased Arkansas Black, Cameo, Ginger Gold, Ole’ Time Jonathan and Granny Smith apples……we have already used all the Ginger Gold and most of the Granny Smith, my son and I eat the Cameo’s every day for lunch…..they are a delicious eating apple but I think the best apple to make wine with would be the Ole’ Time Jonathon’s they have a crisp bite at the end of them that is just unbelievable.

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading about our journey to the mountains and thanks so much for stopping by! If you ever plan to visit Asheville, NC and have any questions feel free to ask me questions as we visit quite frequently.



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