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Yarrow is a lesser known herb and yet it is touted by the french for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  I am proud to finally own this prized plant it had been on my “To Buy” list for quite a while.  We bought it when it was rather small and we are getting ready to transplant this beauty into a larger pot before summer.  It has been placed in the shade most of the winter and does indeed seem to enjoy it!  It is very easy to grow and I would put it on my list of low maintenance plants for sure.

It is beautiful and has soft ferny type fronds and at the same time it is a medicinal herb that you can add to your “Home Apothecary” arsenal.  Yarrow can be quickly turned into a poultice by blending some comfrey and yarrow just slightly in a food processor just pulse a couple of times to get the herbs slightly macerated  or you can use a mortar and pestle.  Then you apply like a paste on a bruised up or banged up limb or other inflammation that occurs on the body externally much like chamomille.

A poultice is basically a compress using the actual herbs directly upon the affected area on the body

***Yarrow should never be taken internally during pregnancy***

This herb can also be taken in tea and is touted for lowering blood pressure this may be something I need to investigate further.  To make yarrow tea you need about a tablespoon of fresh leaves and flowers(some recipes only call for flowers so do your own research if you feel like you need to investigate further) or a teaspoon of dried yarrow.  This time of year I don’t have any flowers on the yarrow but I think it would still work.  If you have a cold or flu it has been advised by herbal experts to add  some elderflower and peppermint as well.  You should drink a cup three times a day and you may want to add some sweetener in my case I would add honey as it is slightly bitter.

Now that Spring is here I will be getting back to our Herb of the Week posts I hope you are enjoying them!  Do you have a favorite herb I haven’t shared about yet that you would like to see featured here?


Karen Lynn

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A note regarding Herbal Remedies or Home Apothecary Segments Any herbal remedies I share are just that….Yes I use them….but any items I post in regards to Home Apothecary or Herbal Remedies should be regarded as folk lore and not replace any information you get from your Medical Provider. To be a healer in ancient days took much knowledge and learning and any herbal remedy used improperly or without proper knowledge can cause an adverse reaction, mix improperly with other medications or even cause death so please always consult a medical provider. 

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