I’m A Sucker For A Good Book Sale & A Good Book For That Matter!

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I’m A Sucker For A Good Book Sale & A Good Book For That matter!

I love a good book sale & I'm a sucker for a good book for that matter

Hello friends,

Hope all is well with all of you this week and that you are all having a fabulous Sunday. I cannot believe how quickly spring has sprung in Coastal North Carolina!  The weather was gray here yesterday but at least we all had the local library book sale to look forward to.  I did see the sun peek out  briefly which I welcomed joyfully!

My favorite thing about rummaging through the books at the local sale is that books our so subjective and so we all thing a different book is our favorite and no two people are the same.  I am also a huge fan of our library system and yes I read real books and digital books and I think they all serve different purposes for example I love on my kindle app how I can change from book to book if one doesn’t suit my fancy but I also like the commitment to one hard back on a long road trip and that usually means I’m digging my heels in and finishing a book especially if it’s a more complex read with my easily distracted personality.  The other fun thing is that my experience yesterday was that people were patient and took their time going through books it was almost a “Book Lovers Unite” conference…..and being with folks like yourself is kind of fun.

When I got home from the book sale yesterday I was reviewing the titles I got and my husband said, “You didn’t even go into the gardening section did you?”.  My response was…”Yes, of course I did but this was just a me day….an imagination day…a kindred spirit day and well the practical side of me was not around to tell me I did not have time to read all of this fiction!” and I chuckled and he just gave me one of those bewildered Man looks if you have seen it you know what I mean lol!  If not just imagine him scratching his head ha ha.

I had a friend who was asking me what I did yesterday and I said…”Most of the day was spent having a me day!”  I went and looked for new vitamins yes  now that I am within five years of 50 now I spend time researching vitamins and seeing what I  need because as I age I realize I can fit but only so much food in my schedule but I digress let’s get back to my love of the book sale.

The book sale is so fascinating to me because not all of the books were purchased by the library many are purchased and donated by private individuals so you really get a phenomenal selection to peruse.  The selections ranged from women studies, politics, religion, gardening, audio books, and I could go on and on.

All of the books above are based on stories of females and well they all have a little bit of everything I’m interested in. The Good Dream is about a lady on a farm in the 50’s working the farm on her own….I am sure you can see the correlation to me there.  The Age Of Miracles is a first novel by Karen Thompson Walker and it’s a Sci-Fi book and the main character has the same name as my daughter and well I love Sci-Fi so I had to check it out.  Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite all-time authors and she writes The Signature Of All Things and it’s a saga kind of about a family but they are botanists isn’t that so cool….I am going to take a big stretch and say I’m a gardener and a botanist of sorts so I am sure I will find something to relate to in that book plus they have millions need I say more?  Lastly Home Safe is about a woman and her daughter and  a betrayal of sorts and well Elizabeth Berg is just such a poetic author I am sure there will be some surprise and correlation for me as well.

One of my goals for 2017 and my word is to be more “mindful”  making sure what I am doing is more intentional but also more restful.  I think 2017 may be overwhelmingly quieter for m but I’m kind of looking forward to it.  

What kind of books are your favorite?

Do you ever just want to take a journey down imagination lane?

Have you picked up a good book lately?  I realized this past holiday season that I had not read an actual real book in a long time like almost a year and a half and it was a sign for me that my life was out of balance.  I have decided to take some “Me” time and make sure to fit in some reading every week!

I think no matter how practical we are it’s always good to take a deep breath and curl up and read a book.

Be well….I wish you all a beautiful week…until next time!

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4 thoughts on “I’m A Sucker For A Good Book Sale & A Good Book For That Matter!

  1. I love books and book sales here too!! Our semi-annual library sale should be coming up next month. My boys and I will be there as it opens!! My current fiction author is Rita Mae Brown and I have all of her Mrs Murphy, Sister Jane and Nevada books. She has a new Mrs Murphy book coming out in May and I’ll be grabbing it as soon as I can!! I have a pile of Canadian gardening books thanks to the book sale. I keep a running list of library books that I will grab should I find them at the sale. These are books I have read from the library several times as I enjoy them so much. They used to do a stuff a bag at the sale, buy a lovely canvas bag and stuff it for $20.00. I could stuff that bag like nobody’s business!!! I’d have an extra bag with me that I split the load between once I paid. These days they just ask for a donation drive they still make plenty to support the library. My boys and I will be at the sale and staggering home after with our bounty, it’s such a good cause and we support the library. Win/win!! Plus I get to catch up on the regulars that we see there every time!! Enjoy your new to you books!!!!

    1. Christine I stuffed my bag for about $20.00 too….so funny! I knew you were a kindred spirit 🙂 I will have to check in to your favorite author Rita Mae Brown…I’m intrigued. Thank you for visiting!

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