Guest Post: Meet Charlotte A Passionate Re-Purposer, Grandmother & Chicken Mama Too

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Hi ya’ll!

Recently I decided to do something new here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead so I put an all call out to those that might be interested in doing a guest post for our lil’ blog and one of my readers Charlotte was interested so  she sent me some information and you have to know I am just in awe of all this woman has on her plate and all she is doing at her homestead.

Meet Charlotte a woman of many talents and was willing to share was she is up to on her homestead with all of you!

Written by Charlotte:

In the past 2 1/2 yrs we have 2 new grandsons.  My kids needed mattress pads for their baby beds so I took old ones and cut them down, bound the edges and sewed elastic on all 4 ends.  This worked out great for the baby beds and the pack n play.  I got about 3 per old mattress pad.

repurposed quilt
Picture #1  … My daughter got a beautiful baby bed set for her first shower.  The bumper pad had appliqued and embroidered monkeys around it.  Since you can’t use them anymore she gave it to me to figure out what could be done.  So with the purchase of backing and another print we now have a beautiful rag quilt.

4-1-2013 1-58-52 PM
charlottes grandchild
Picture #2 & #3 … Well, that wasn’t enough.  She gave me all of #1 baby’s receiving blankets and outgrown baby clothes and say here mom do it again.  So I have a good start on another one and when the 8 mo old has finished with his receiving blankets I will make him one too.  I took the outgrown baby outfits and cut out the appliques and appliqued them to the center of the blocks.

baby chicks

Picture #4 … My kids had baby chicks hatch last weekend.  Incubator #1 had 14 and they all hatched.  We’ve all had a ball watching them this past week.  Incubator #2 had 30 more which will hatch in about a week.  My son-in-law is getting ready to build a larger chicken coop.

In addition to all that Charlotte is going on she is taking care of an ailing husband that is very sick and she still finds time to connect with other homesteaders online and makes her own jewelry and scrap books but we will share her jewelry making and her scrapbooks in another guest post from her!   But trust me her jewelry she makes is absolutely beautiful!  She recently decided she will not be able to take care of her grandson due to how sick her husband is at this time so please keep Charlotte in your prayers.  In spite of the fact that Charlotte does not have her own blog please feel free to share you comments with her here so that she can reply to you!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing from Charlotte and seeing all of her creative and resourceful ideas in action I know I did!  Thanks for sharing with all of us Charlotte!

Have a great week everyone!





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