Low Maintenance Flowers That Love The Heat & You Will Love!

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If you are a low maintenance gardener like me you will love the following flowers I have to share with you….some of them are plants, one is even a vegetable that flowered  and will produce seed and others are shrub/ trees actually but all worth looking into and learning more about!

The first one is one that is near and dear to  my heart the beautiful Cleome also known by some folks as “spider flower, spider legs, or Grandfathers Whiskers”.  I love this flower and its gentle tendrils and delicate structure however do not let the Cleome fool you it is tough as nails and can spring up anywhere in your yard.


The next flower I am going to show you are my Portulaca’s that are in two hanging baskets on my front porch.  I absolutely love Portulaca’s I love how delicate the flowers are and that they are the colors of the sunset.  The thing I love the most about Portulaca’s is that they thrive on receiving very little care and no one will ever be the wiser.


These next two are from my neighbor’s yard she has quite the green thumb!

The first one is the Shasta Daisy which again looks so delicate but the heat is not too much for it it will start blooming in June and continue blooming through July.

shasta daisy

This next one is from her yard too I ran over and snapped pics of both of these tonight with her permission of course and this is a lacecap hydrangea and it’s absolutely stunning!  (This is not as low maintenance as the others )but I had to share the picture since it is so beautiful but you do need to fertilize your soil in the Spring and it does need to be placed in the perfect spot.  That being said it has been hot here and her hydrangea is doing great as you can see!

6-27-2013 8-30-56 PM

This next one is my husband’s fave our Rose of Sharon he absolutely loves it!  It’s a tall shrub with roses that bloom through the summer and fall!

rose of sharon

Also we can’t forget about the perrenial Bee Balm (member of the mint family)  no matter how hot and humid it is outside the bee balm stands up tall!

bee balm

Another personal favorite of mine is Lantana I love the colors in these beauties!  I love the tiny little flowers on each blossom they are just exquisite!  Lantana is beautiful and it is also a reminder to me that Summer is in full swing and a haven for the butterflies that love to visit our yard.


This is a flower from our Globe Artichokes isn’t it just beautiful?  It almost looks like an underwater sea creature it’s so ultra violet-blue or purple.

globe artichoke

All of these plants grow fabulous in our gardening zone 8a!  Hope you enjoyed the tour of some of our flowers in our yard and our neighbors yard.  Have a great Friday!


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    1. Jenny isn’t it absolutely beautiful! What is your favorite color combination? We have a couple but I photographed mine in this post! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

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