Ugh Our Rosemary Plant Is Infested & The Winner Of Our Garden Hod Giveaway!

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our rosemary bush

Gardening is a fun and interesting hobby and you can truthfully do it on a very spendy level or you can do it very frugally and participate in seed swapping etc……but the reality is we all come across disappointments in our gardening journey.

I for one love herbs they are my favorite to plant, use etc… I think it’s because there are so many uses for them and whether you cook with them in your favorite recipes or use them in herbal remedies, soaps and in general they are just so versatile but the other thing is I am just a sucker for a good fragrance. ¬†I could just sit there and take in the beautiful fragrance of rosemary all afternoon ūüôā

worms in the webbing on our rosemary shrub

So when we realized our Rosemary plant/shrub was infested with little green worms that act almost parasitic it was just frustrating but we knew we wanted to handle this situation in a sustainable fashion. ¬† You can see the webbing that is on our plant and the worms are wrapped up inside the webbing so it’s not very easy to extract them. ¬† That plan included my husband and myself hand squashing every worm on our plant and then if needed we will also sprinkle with Dipel if necessary but we will save that for a last resort. ¬†We only use this in circumstances where it is absolutely needed but I really didn’t want to lose this plant.

The good news is so far so good I have not seen any more worms on this plant and I have been spot checking periodically and have left it on the deck for close proximity. ¬† I will keep you posted on the progress of our Rosemary and let you know whether it’s going to bounce back.

garden hod

Also the good news is the winner of our “Garden Hod Giveaway!” ……..the moment you have all been waiting for!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember this winner was randomly selected by Rafflectoper!  Congratulations Matt!  Please email and send your snail mail address so we can get this wonderful prize out to you and you have helped us finish out our 3rd year Celebration!

Have a great weekend everyone! ¬†We have lots of yard work to do as usual this weekend however I am saving my big front yard island project for when we get our new @troybuilt cultivator that I won on #gardenchat on Twitter! ¬†Can’t wait! ¬†I am going to have a new lease on our garden! Woohoo!



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7 thoughts on “Ugh Our Rosemary Plant Is Infested & The Winner Of Our Garden Hod Giveaway!

  1. I have tried to raise rosemary at least three times and have not be successful. I think one problem is I kept catching my do urinating on it. I guess next time I will have to put up a small fence. Thanks for sharing on Rural Wisdom and Know How.

  2. I just discovered the same worms/web in my rosemary plant. I picked out as much as I could find and then sprayed down the very young plant with water.

    I powdered up dried chilly, Korean chilly sprinkle, pepper, 5-spices with a blendtec and dusted it all over the plant. The dusting is kept on because of the moisture created from spraying.

    This should prevent further invasion. I picked out a worm kept it alive for testing they powder. The worm died.

    1. We finally were able to get rid of ours and our plant still thrives but thank you so much for sharing a tip that helped you! I love Korean chilli so I am sure I have something around that is similar! I so appreciate you stopping by!

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