Make Your Own Fancy Schmancy Glass Plates With Modge Podge

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make your own fancy schmancy plates Years ago when I was a stay at home Mom and living on one income and thriving on a “Shoe String” Budget I was always looking for clever and affordable birthday and Christmas gift ideas that would be well received and would not break the bank.

The Chicken Mama plate
I call this the “Chicken Mama” plate!

My friend and neighbor at the time gave me the most beautiful holiday decorated plate and I loved it I still use it to this day and so when my husband stumbled on yet another dumpster dive find a huge box of fabric with tons of beautiful custom decor fabric I knew exactly what I was going to do with a bunch of it at least.

farmgirl plate
I call this the “Farm Girl” plate!

Fast forward to today my Mom had a bunch of plates from a friend that had a big gathering at her home and no longer wanted the clear glass sandwich or dessert sized plates so she passed them on to me so recently when I entered into a craft exchange I thought “I know just the thing” to make with these plates!

The Homestead Living Plate
“The Homestead Living” Plate
Sweet Tooth Plate
“The Sweet Tooth Plate”
The Coffee Lover plate
“The Coffee Lover Plate”

The box of fabric had been long ago used up or donated but this time I was excited to go to the fabric store with a coupon of course and pick up some “Farm Life” and custom fabrics with certain people in mind.

Fancy Schmancy Glass Plates Project Materials:

  • a 1″ paint brush
  • a plastic container you can dispose of when you are done
  • newspaper to lay on the table
  • Mode Podge
  • Fabric (make sure you bring your plate with you or you measure your plate so if you get fabric scraps or cut fabric you have enough and don’t come up short)
  • scissors
  • clear glass plates (I like the luncheon or dessert size)
  • glass plate stands (I found these very inexpensively at a local craft store)
  • A place to lay the plates out most of the day
  • Popsicle sticks to help push out air bubbles

making fancy schmancy plates paint the plate with modge podge   make sure to leave extra fabric around sides   Be generous with the amount of modge podge you use  Instructions:

  • Lay out newspaper
  • Pour Modge Podge into bottom of plastic container
  • Cut fabric to go over plate but have fabric extend the sides of the plate slightly and then place fabric aside for the moment
  • Next place the glass plate face down meaning the pretty side or the side that typically faces you have that face down
  • Paint the back of the plate with Modge Podge all over
  • Then lay the pretty side of the fabric face down on the back of the plate with the plate face down so the pretty side would show through to the front of the plate and position the fabric with just how you want the images to be placed still making sure you have some fabric hanging over slightly on all edges of the plate it should stick slightly since the Modge Podge has already been painted on the plate
  • Then paint the Modge Podge on top of the fabric and let it dry be generous with the modge podge
  • You will have to do this about 3 or four times and it is a good idea to have some popsicle sticks to push out the air bubbles but I just use my fingers
  • You want to get all of the air bubbles out
  • Last once it is dried it will looked kind of shiny and laminated fabric it’s really cool looking you will want to trim all the edges the fabric is hard at this time but you will need a good sturdy pair of scissors
  • Last put your plate in a stand and take a picture!  My favorite part of the project!

This is a great way to make lot of frugal yet beautiful gifts for the year all at one time!  I think this is a great way to spruce up your own home decor as well.  Also I would love to hear if you have made these in the past and if not and you try them how yours turned out!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Karen Lynn


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8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Fancy Schmancy Glass Plates With Modge Podge

  1. HI – I love this idea. Can’t wait to try it; however, if you use these on your table can they get wet and withstand handwashing?

    1. Susan no unfortunately they are purely decorative although their may be a way to do that I just don’t know what it is……

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