Organic Gardening For Beginners by Lisa Lombardo

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I hope you enjoy my review of Organic Gardening For Beginners (An Eco-Friendly guide to growing vegetables, fruits and herbs)

organic gardening for beginners

I am so thankful to my blogger friend Lisa Lombardo, blogger/author at The Self Sufficient HomeAcre  for affording me another opportunity to review her newest book, Organic Gardening For Beginners.  As I have shared before Lisa and I have loads in common and we are both extremely passionate about backyard homesteading.

In recent years especially during this time of Covid-19 having my time in the garden is one of of my favorite spaces or time that I treasure.  Even more so it’s inspiring to me as we are putting food on our table that we know is fresh, healthy, and organic and as I read through Lisa’s book the correlations between our practices and approaches to gardening are so similar.  This book resonated with me, and I have learned as I have become a more experienced gardener,  that I can always learn something new and I have found success by seeking the wisdom of my fellow gardeners.  I definitely gleaned many new ideas from her book but also I appreciated the validation for some of our practices we utilize on our lil’ homestead.

Soil & Planning

Lisa shares the importance of the topics of soil and planning and as a fellow gardener I can’t stress this enough either.  Honestly, planning will you see you through more than most gardening topics.  She will walk you through some topics that will help you have the confidence you need as a beginning gardener or even if you have been gardening a while to be prepared to have a successful garden in the months ahead.

Compost & Garden Clean-Up

I always hear about how important composting is but not everyone agrees on the best method or way to go around finding perfection for what I call gardener’s gold. Lisa’s method for this along with practical tips for garden clean-up will be sure to have you on your way to implementing best practices of advanced gardener’s.

Pests & Disease…Ugh

Whether we like it or not, pests and plant diseases are a fact of life.  I was just out in my garden harvesting peppers and pears the other day and both had a few that had been attacked by pests.  In reality they are the experts at getting to our harvest but we also don’t want to compromise our health by coating them in chemicals, so what to do?  In enters Lisa’s years of experience in her book of how to best manage pests and it’s solid, helpful guidance on this topic.  We have also been impacted by squash borers and tomato blight and other gardening problems that have resulted from disease or weather issues.

Daily Duties In Your Garden & So Much More…

To really create abundance in your garden whether it’s on your apartment balcony, your patio at your condominium, or if you have a small suburban lot or a huge one, you have to take the time to do your best to check on your garden daily.  This includes watering the garden, doing your due diligence to look for pests, and sometimes pruning and pinching back plants as well.  Lisa’s book is full of tips to provide guidance and steps so that you will feel confident about your gardening skills.

I also love the gardening worksheets for you to take notes and to take stock of your gardening progress included in this book!

Just a reminder, no matter all of your efforts sometimes things just happen such as drought, flooding, etc.. and in our case hurricanes on the coast of North Carolina.  The amazing thing is that you can always start over with a pocket full of seeds, some soil, water, sunlight,  and a resilient attitude.

I had so much fun reading through this informative and very nicely illustrated guide, chock full of  Lisa’s gardening expertise and experience.   I know you will so love to dive into this book and learn from her as much as I did.  Visit this link to pick up your own copy of Organic Gardening For Beginners (An Eco-Friendly Guide to Growing, Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs.  You may also want to follow her Author’s page on Amazon, as it is clear that writing books and sharing her passion is something she loves to do, so I imagine we will be hearing more from her soon!

And as always, I wish you all a beautiful week, month, days…until next time…


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