Seedlings – Watching Them Grow With Anticipation!


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have the excitement of a child to see our beautiful seedlings coming up in the greenhouse so I just had to share with all of you!

So far I have planted several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and much much more because everything tastes more delicious fresh from the garden!  Don’t you agree?

I am trying to keep better records this year because inevitably I always forget which plants are what by the time they come up  even when I map out our garden somehow a variety will get mixed in that I’m not expecting.

So what have you started so far?  Are you a tomato and pepper fanatic like me?



What do you plan to can this season?   I know I absolutely want to make a ton of salsa this year and a ton of my homemade pepper mustard!

I love eating these wonderful treats through out the whole year!  There is something about eating your own home canned corn in the middle of Winter.

It is gray and dreary here today and I must say I’m a little tired and run down but the good news is that  Spring is right around the corner!  I have faith that it’s right around the corner LOL!

Come back soon!


Karen Lynn

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8 thoughts on “Seedlings – Watching Them Grow With Anticipation!

    1. Hi Mr. CBB you have a little more time up in Canada the pressure is really on down here LOL! Wow a new job I hope all good things are happening for you! I can’t wait to see what you will have growing! I will stop in and see you soon!

    1. Caitlin I love the rewards of making salsa and I love changing up the recipe every year! Thank you so much for stopping in! Good luck with your seedlings!

    1. I do too Valerie aren’t they great? I am planting more seeds this weekend isn’t it addicting! Thanks for stopping by!

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