I know It’s Cliche’ But… “One Man’s Trash Is Truly Another Man’s Treasure”

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guitar find You didn’t think we were all done with dumpster diving adventures did you?  In honor of our yard sale today I decided to post some of my favorite “Dumpster Dive”  finds!   But to clarify so many people email me and ask “You didn’t really find this stuff in a dumpster did you?”  We need to get out of our mindset of all dumpsters being completely filthy and also realize that a “Dumpster Dive” find can be just an item sitting on the side of the road it does not have to be covered in filth.  My husband will tell you I am very particular about what comes in our house and he won’t even bring it home if it’s not spotless or he won’t tell me about it at least.  😉

Can you imagine finding a guitar in the dumpster that is worth around $600.00 well it’s pretty much like going on a treasure hunt I promise you!  We are big fans of music in our household, we follow local musicians and our daughter is a vocalist/songwriter/musician and so is my brother in law.   Recently my husband  picked up learning how to play the jaw harp which was an antique item my daughter picked up on Craigslist for him for Fathers Day we have even instilled some bargain hunting values in her so we definitely believe in in having a house full of music!

vintage grill in a tin

I loved finding this vintage “Grill in a tin” what an awesome find I might not ever use it but it’s just cool!  I checked on Ebay and its worth about $5.99 but it is certainly a conversation piece!

Dumpster Diving is about finding opportunities and taking them , its about being observant, and seeing potential in items that others would not.   We have been able to donate some of the stuff we find to charity but most of it if  when we can’t use it we just give items away to friends or on freecycle or Craigslist keeping stuff out of the landfill.  We also make money by reselling some of our dumpster diving finds so extra cash in your pocket isn’t a bad thing either……

homedics machine

My personal favorite find is this little Homedics machine I can choose between the ocean, the rainforest or just crickets if I want too and I can put it on a sleep timer and I must confess I’m addicted 🙂

I added some photographs of some of our favorite finds through out this post so tell me which one is your fave!

tea kettle


Another find I really like is this solid little tea kettle.  I mean everyone needs to boil water from time to time and I use it to heat up my water for Kombucha!



vintage chair


I love this vintage chair it is small and would fit pefectly in a guest room or another small room unfortunately for us we have no more room left for additional furniture.

I am so appreciative that  you took your valuable time to come over to visit us at our lil’ blog!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday!



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5 thoughts on “I know It’s Cliche’ But… “One Man’s Trash Is Truly Another Man’s Treasure”

  1. Tami found a Bissell Pet Hair eraser vacuum on the curb. It sells for $125.00 and works perfectly. I could hardly believe all the dog hair our regular Bissell didn’t pick up.

  2. Nice! Isn’t that so funny when you find something that is even better than what you bought in the first place. I love our dog River but he sure sheds a lot. Glad you stopped in and shared her great find!

  3. Wow great score on the guitar and other items. Did you look up the retail value of the guitar then? That’s awesome. I love these posts. I hope you get a chance to read my post today, there’s a message in there for you. Mr.CBB

    1. I just got home from a night home on the town but I will head over to your blog 🙂 Yes my husband looked up the guitar and he said the guitar is worth about $600 but he needs to put another $200 into it and then it would be worth more 🙂 So glad you stopped in!

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